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Perpetou Insigne – A New Cliche

Perpetou Insigne
A New Cliche
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 03 July 2015, 6:58 AM

PERPETOU INSIGNE is a Brazilian based Metal band “blending Power Metal, Progressive Rock and Brazilian music that focuses on positive themes and the power of the human soul.” “A New Cliche” was released in 2008 independently, and the band has been seeking a label since. The album contains eight tracks.

The opening intro is fairly unique; a collection of vocals harmonies that are sung in chant style with the accompaniment of a flute. “Rising” is the first track with vocals. It definitely has that familiar gallop of Power Metal but with some other elements mixed in the background. Sung in the native language of Portuguese, the vocals are done in a few different ranges and styles, perhaps sounding best in the upper notes. When the guitar and bass are done in unison it really sounds nice. The Progressive elements make a larger presence just after the mid song mark with a distinct change in sound before circling back to the main riff.

“Fury” is a bit slower, darker and more mysterious, with the soft pressings of piano keys in the verses and a bit more of a NWOBHM feeling. “Before and After” seems more suitable to a segue of sorts for the album, clocking in at just over two minutes. I like the sound though and found myself wishing it were a longer song. The piano is once again a welcomed addition to the track. “We’re Gonna Win” has more of that positive quality that the band described in their bio. The rhythm and pacing are nice and the various melodies throughout really add depth and character. The guitar solo is great as well. As you might expect, “Slavery” has a heavier and more ominous tone to it. The chord progressions sound like something you might associate with Egypt so it is also very fitting. The interlude with electronic piano or perhaps dulcimer is a nice shift as well, leading to another riff that closes out the song.

“Darkness” opens with acoustics, pipes and rattle, and soft vocal harmonies. The main riff is almost regal sounding and the melodies are more subtle here. Closing the album is “Desert and its Architectural Wonders.” The opening howling of the wind sets the mood, with lead guitar dancing in and around. From there we hear a few different riffs but the central theme is still the way the music has that Egyptian feel to it again. Some of the vocal pitchy-ness could be addressed with having access to better mixing and production equipment, but his range and effort are notable.

The music is definitely tantalizing and dynamic in terms of the diversity in sound the band presents among all of the tracks, as well as the different instruments used. I would be interested in hearing more from this band. 

3 Star Rating

1. Cantoch
2. Rising
3. Fury
4. Before and After
5. We’re Gonna Win
6. Slavery
7. Darkness
8. Desert and its Architectural Wonders
Henrique Albuquerque – Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Alves – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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