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Perpetrator - Thermonuclear Epiphany Award winner

Thermonuclear Epiphany
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 22 February 2014, 1:11 AM

PERPETRATOR is a Portuguese Thrash Metal band, signed to Stormspell Records. “Thermonuclear Epiphany” is actually their first full length album to be released. They’re everything you would want from a thrash band. Fast drums, screaming guitars, and the typical Thrash vocal style. There are some nice melodies thrown into the mix. Nonetheless, the guys are quite talented in what they do. They are a prime example of everything that is good about Thrash.

There is a small intro in the first track, but they waste no time getting to the point. The speed these guys have is just incredible. The drum work is hard hitting and keeps the time perfectly. The guitar work is definitely awesome. Not only fast as hell, but there is some sick shredding as well as some nice melodies here and there. As far as composition is concerned the album is very well put together. These guys have the passion. Other than the speed of the album it is really exactly what you would want from a Thrash Metal band. I like the album very much, don’t get me wrong, but it’s Thrash Metal.

So the only down side to it is that it kind of just falls into the thrash category. Not saying its good or bad just an observation. As far as the quality of the music, it is very good. The speed is awesome and the music is awesome. You can tell these guys love what they do. I recommend PERPETRATOR’s “Thermonuclear Epiphany” to any Metalhead really, but that hard core Thrash fans I think this one is for you guys.

5 Star Rating

1. Megaton Therion
2. Pyres in the Night
3. Doomed to Death
4. Nothing Left to Kill
5. Proud Pariahs
6. Purgatory Whorehouse
7. Death to All
8. Shadow of a Man
9. Fire Unleashed
Rick - Vocals, Bass
Paulão - Guitars
Marouco - Guitars
Ângelo Sexo - Drums
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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