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Personal Device - Microorganismos Del Mal

Personal Device
Microorganismos Del Mal
by Matt Coe at 01 June 2014, 8:32 PM

Active from 2006-2014 under the moniker UNHEILBAR, the quartet wisely decide to switch their name to a more palatable PERSONAL DEVICE and release their debut album “Microorganismos Del Mal”. Hailing from Columbia, this 10 song record has a mix of Spanish sung tracks as well as English fronted efforts, and the band have a love for the punk/ thrash / crossover sound made famous by S.O.D., D.R.I., and others who love gang oriented vocals, speed riffing intertwined with up-tempo to mid-tempo groove parts that I could imagine audiences going bonkers over.

“La Ciudad” and the crunchy “Suicidal Genocide” are worthy efforts for those who love heads down thrash, and it’s nice once again to find an independent band put just as much effort into allowing the bass to be as important to the mix as the guitars, drums, and vocals. This is another record where I can tell the musicians possess the right talent and understanding of the genre- they just become a tad bit predictable in terms of the transitions and choice of riffs that makes me wish they would strive for just a bit more of an original take on the genre.

I know plenty of people who love this crossover thrash, so PERSONAL DEVICE may not have much to worry about. I’m curious to watch the songwriting development of this act.

3 Star Rating

1. Secuencia 0.1
2. La Ciudad
3. Screams!
4. Microorganismos Del Mal
5. N.M.
6. Polemic Staff
7. People
8. Suicidal Genocide
9. Thrash Instead of Getting Mad
10. Personal Device
Daniel Piedrahita – Vocals, Guitars
Antonio Espinosa – Lead Guitars
Alejandro Solano – Bass, Vocals
Andrés Villegas – Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Gomorrah Records


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