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Persuader - Necromancy Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 23 January 2021, 7:44 AM

The German school of Heavy/Power Metal influenced many bands throughout the world, it’s an undeniable fact. Names as HELLOWEEN, GRAVE DIGGER, BLIND GUARDIAN and many others became a strong and sensible influence for many bands that are playing Metal in this time. One of them is from the Swedish quartet PERSUADER, as can be heard on their latest album, “Necromancy”.

Their music is a blend between aspects of Power Metal in a similar way of BLIND GUARDIAN from “Somewhere Far Beyond” and “Imaginations from the Other Side” ages, but a modern crushing weight presented due the presence of traces from modern traditional Heavy Metal on their music, and even from extreme Metal genres (as some nasty vocals and fast 1 x 1 drumming, as can be heard on “Raise the Dead”). The album’s songs show excellent melodies, very good technical level, a massive energy flowing from each song, powerful hooking choruses… Well, what are you all waiting for to be seduced?

Ronnie Björnström is the one who mixed and mastered “Necromancy”. And one of the best features is that a modern and thunderous weight is presented on the songs, but without destroying the clarity or distorting the instrumental tunes beyond the need. It’s clean, but heavy and aggressive at the same time.

All the songs are really amazing, but for a first time on their musical work, the mix between crushing weight and great melodies shown on “The Curse Unbound” (excellent rhythmic contrasts created by bass guitar and drums can be heard) and on “Scars”, the fast and technical approach of “Raise the Dead” (where, as written above, some traces from extreme Metal can be heard, but it’s not unexpected, because some members of the quartet played on names as NAGLFAR and NECROPHOBIC, and what amazing vocals); and the brutal melodic crunch imposed by “Gateways” (excellent guitars) are the best ones.

Well, enjoy and let yourself be seduced by “Necromancy”, and PERSUADER is ready to conquer legions of new fans. If you don’t give them a chance, you’re the one who’s losing something.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. The Curse Unbound
2. Scars
3. Raise the Dead
4. Reign of Darkness
5. Hells Command
6. Gateways
7. The Infernal Fires
Jens Carlsson - Vocals
Fredrik Mannberg - Guitars
Emil Norberg - Guitars, Bass
Efraim Juntunen - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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