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Pertness - Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time
by Cameron Ervin at 13 December 2012, 4:34 PM

The competition in the Power Metal scene is extremely steep. The biggest names in this genre would have to be STRATOVARIUS, BLIND GUARDIAN, EDGUY, GAMMA RAY, HAMMERFALL, GRAVE DIGGER, and many others. With so many great bands already established you can imagine that it would be difficult for a smaller band to be recognized. However, this competition is not all bad for it forces smaller bands to make music of the same quality if not better music than the well-known names. For instance THEOCRACY, a Power Metal band from Georgia, is one of my favorite bands and creates phenomenal material. MYSTIC PROPHECY is another Power Metal band that is not well known but still makes killer music. Upon doing this review I have found another remarkable Power Metal group, PERTNESS.

I had never heard of this band until now and it is quite a shame. PERTNESS seems to take some GRAVE DIGGER traits as well as a few from STRATOVARIUS making for a most interesting sound. They have quite a few good riffs and plenty of those catchy melodies with both the guitars and vocals. I found myself nodding my head to many of the riffs and drum arrangements. The album has its higher more lighter parts like the title track “Frozen Time” which has a catchy chorus. Like any good album it has its darker moments like “Shadow Knights” and “Cold Wind of Death”. This album even dips into the Folk Metal with the song “The Star of the Country Down”. “Frozen Time” is an album that has good variety between the songs, making sure they don’t sound too much like the previous track.

Over all “Frozen Time” is a decent release of 2012. If you like Power Metal with GRAVE DIGGER like vocals, plenty of guitar harmonization, and decent riffs then this is for you.

3 Star Rating

1. Frozen Time
2. My Will Is Broken
3. Farewell to the Past
4. No More Messiah
5. Cold Wind of Death
6. I Sold My Remorse
7. The Last Survival
8. Lost in Time
9. Shadow Knights
10. The Eye of the Storm
11. The Star of the County Down
Tom Zurbrügg- Guitars
Tom Schluchter- Vocals, Guitars
Chris Gutknecht- Drums
Marcel Bühler– Bass
Record Label: Pure Legend Records


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