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Perversor – Anticosmocrator

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 July 2015, 6:28 PM

My dear nephews and nieces, there are times when you ol’ “Big Daddy” here really do the most sounding and great face-palm he can when dealing with some Metal bands.

That’s because I’m an old Metallian, and the greatest lesson I took from observing what the bands are doing in musical terms is that you need to do something different from the others to overcome all trials. Being like others, using the same clichés used before, is just creating a great pile of useless sound. If a Metallian of vision sees a work in that way, and if he isn’t committed to any trends, he or she would laugh to death from clones. And the Chilean quartet PERVERSOR seems to be focusing his energies to be a clone on their new album, “Anticosmocrator”.

Yes, unfortunately, the band follows the trend of those who tries to sound as an 80 Metal band, fusing Thrash and Black Metal from those times. The great problem is: the absence of personality. And they’re a veteran band, with 8 years of fight on the underground, but they really seem a lot of bands we heard before. I personally can’t even count, but trying to sound like a mix of CELTIC FROST, AURA NOIR with ABSU and some touches of Brazilian VULCANO, but not as talented as these bands. Sorry to say, but this album is like a countless mountain I heard since 1983.The sound quality is raw, but not to the point you can’t understand what they are playing, just the guitar is in a low volume tune. But to their insight, this quality (without the fact about the guitar sound) is what their music needs to exist.

OK, I confess that some good ideas exist on their songs, and they have plenty of energy, as we can hear on songs like “Anticosmocrator”, “Venomous Madness” and “Metal Massacre”. But to have a good idea is not so difficult, and turn it into something (musically speaking) relevant is a hard work.

Sorry to say, but they really need to evolve more and more. In this stage, is just a band that fits in this 80s Metal fashion that exists throughout the world.


1 Star Rating

1. Inhale
2. Anticosmocrator
3. Bestial Path
4. Awakening Of The Ancient Ones
5. Venomous Madness
6. Infinite
7. The Age Of Darkness
8. Old Temples Of Death
9. Metal Massacre
Torrid – Vocals
Abominable – Guitars
Morbest – Bass
Knernet – Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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