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Perversor - Cult Of Destruction (CD)

Cult Of Destruction
by Yiannis Doukas at 12 February 2009, 11:30 AM

I don't know a lot of things about PERVERSOR except that they are hailing from Chile, probably from the capital Santiago and this is their debut album. What I surely know is that Cult Of Destruction has fucked my mind and my neck.
It's more than evident that if you wish for serious, authentic violent and aggressive music, South America remains a standard value as for several years now. Yes, there is a plethora of really mediocre of crap bands but if you come across something good it will be easy for you to be destroyed complete. With many years tradition in rotting feeling, obnoxious smell and high adrenaline in their sound bands from Peru or Chile just leaves 666 miles away European whimps. Unfortunately the majority, if not all, of the mainstream record companies are not less than pussies and do not have the guts to make a contact with authentic groups from there filling us with satiate cesspit full of plastic lumber.
Now, let's go to PERVERSOR. Look at the cover. I cum by only seeing it!!! Made by the band's singer, Torrid it reflects the sonic blasphemy and shapeless evil that the listener will hear inside. And the inlay art is in the same paths too. The trio has managed a production that stands exactly where it should be, sound from the dungeons where demons flagellate virgins and drink their blood for Satan's glory! A nameless evilness, a horrible smell comes from everywhere like a Lovecraft's story.
From the first song, Nameless Creature this chaotic atmosphere is obvious, riffs faster than the speed of sound, plunged into blasphemy and dirtiness like the extreme Chile's fathers DEATH YELL. Mostly into Death Metal the first two tracks include well based structure been worked that way reaching you to limits. The drumming is perfect in all its details, for example the refrain of Nameless Creature includes orgasmic toms and the slow part of Sacrifice Your Soul To The Serpent Of The Night is pure holocaust a la ARCHGOAT's ones. Riffs that will tear apart your ear drums and asses, fast as bullets from machine gun and total satisfaction is guarantee with Look Into The Abyss Of Death, Evil Master and Devastation Of The Earth for any serious headbanger. Into this full of black choler extract put also some early DEMONCY with the blessings of SARCOFAGO and you will get the point.
The second side, titled as Side Destruction, terminates my metal euphoria with Thrash paroxysms filtered into Black/ Death prisms like only bands from South America can do and no other. Alcohol, whores, tits, Satan, Metal, spikes and fucking. Do you want more? Influences from very early times of MORBID ANGEL in the Forces Of Metal, Unholy Attack's repeating refrain is bone exploding and the rest is history. Almost in the ANAL VOMIT's level this band was more than a surprise.
Album for a few devoted maniacs, is out in cd and vinys formats from Nuclear War Now!, in the beginning of this year at least for the second one. If I find anything else about then I promise I'll be back with more information. Till then keep on rotting headbaning mania.

4 Star Rating

Nameless Creature
Sacrifice Your Soul To The Serpent Of The Night
Look Into The Abyss Of Death
Evil Master
Devastation Of The Earth
Forces Of Metal
Unholy Attack
Alcoholic Aggressor
Razas Muertas
Seres Ancestrales
Abominable - Guitars, Bass
Knernet - Drums
Torrid - Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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