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Perverted Ceremony - Sabbat of Behezaël

Perverted Ceremony
Sabbat of Behezaël
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 August 2017, 2:44 PM

I have an opinion when a band clones works from the past: the members have minds so filled with rules and laws about how some Metal genres must sound that they lose completely their sense of existing! In all these years listening Metal and looking for a deeper understanding of personality and choices of every Metal band I heard since 1983 (the year that I became a Metalhead), I never understood the reasons for some bands insisting on being a copy of another band. From Belgium, a country with a beautiful history in Metal, comes PERVERTED CEREMONY a duet that seems to be proud of being a clone. “Sabbat of Behezaël” is a fine example of a total loss of time, money and efforts.

They are forcing themselves to be a carbon copy of BEHERIT on their early days, sounding as raw and nasty as they can. As well on some parts, they are trying to be a new version of Brazilian gods of SARCÓFAGO. But I’m sure that Antichrist (from SARCÓFAGO) or Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance (from BEHERIT) wouldn’t like this kind of “tribute”. It is an offense to their works, to their legacy. To be as raw and noisy as you can is not to be true, but simply pathetic. Sorry again, but “Sabbat of Behezaël” is a loss of time. The production was done in a way that the music can’t be understood due the infinite levels of rawness, distortion and dirtiness. To some, my words seem to be a sign that they are real, and they are right: this album is a terrible loss of time, even for Back Metal fans! The distorted vocals you’ll understand, but the drums are sounding terrible, the bass guitar and guitars aren’t heard as they must (very low and distorted tunes)… What these guys had in mind when recording it? Trying to make something nastier than “Transylvanian Hunger”, but lacking the same talent that DARKTHRONE had?

With a great amount of patience, you’ll find some good moments on “Black Fur Demoniac”, “Necrolactation Unborn Goat”, on “Whips of Impurity” and “Nightmare Consecration”. But even with my good will and efforts, I barely could distinguish things, because the production made all songs sound alike. A better sound production can make things better next time, like SARCÓFAGO used on “Rotting” era, but for now, “Sabbat of Behezaël” is a good synonym for loss of precious time.

Originality: 2
Songwriting: 4
Memorability: 0
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Black Fur Demoniac
3. Necrolactation Unborn Goat
4. Woods of the Black Offering
5. Crypt of Behezaël
6. Whips of Impurity
7. Fullmoon Sacrament
8. Dark Necromancy
9. Nightmare Consecration
Morbid Messiah
Baron Cimeterre
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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