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Perzonal War - The Last Sunset

Perzonal War
The Last Sunset
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 May 2015, 10:35 PM

Gone as the last sunset, I wasn’t quite sure at first, but eventually they didn’t fade. Since “Captive Breeding” I have been waiting for yet another lesson in reality, and like a flash, three years went by and now I am listening to “The Last Sunset”. I never believed that PERZONAL WAR ever truly left the scene, as you know that life may strike upon you its mighty blows, however, it was all worth the wait. So this time it was like “let’s talk about the end of the world” or “where will you be in your last day upon this Earth before something natural or unnatural will happen around you?”. Trust me that it can go on and on, beyond the stretch of imagination dancing to the rhythm of the apocalypse that just sits there, waiting around the corner. Realism, aggression, strong emotions and bellyful of soul welcomed me as I sailed across the realm of “The Last Sunset”, via Metalville Records again btw, and fell for it.

Can’t hide my appreciation of what is Thrash tightly mixed with Heavy Metal, it is really hard but believe that I found crap over the years. In the case of PERZONAL WAR, what started like a closer version of METALLICA, slowly became an inspiring entity of energy, toughness but also a lot of heart beyond the curtain of blood. Moving forward to the ugly present, unlike the previous “Captive Breeding”, which was an admirable release on its own, I felt that the material that eventually constructed the release of “The Last Sunset” was carefully chosen; ending up in a kind of an unofficial concept album foretold damnation. Furthermore, PERZONAL WAR, as it was done magnificently on the earlier “Faces” album, shared their brutal and emotive ends so smoothly, creating a blistering modern Metal hybrid that might find its way to both the thrown to the pit Thrasher and the contemporary Metalhead that assumingly looks for further dimensions in the music. Hard edge riffery embroidered with speed of the METALLICA breed, yet with a better class than what the Americans have been doing in the last decade, simplistic harmonic melodies and occasional soloing, which could have been stronger with their impact, tight rhythm section and a front end that developed itself into a powerful element in the band’s image and presence.

Laying down in the crossroads of mankind’s demented choices that will slowly evaporate its existence, “The Last Sunset” felt candid and truthful. Even though Metal has been known to be provocative when it comes to the survival of the human race, the ability to inspire isn’t common. “Never Look Back” and “When Faith Has Gone Forever” never left my play button, and on repeat for several times. Beyond the aggressive routine of PERZONAL WAR, which could be widely seen on the Metal salute of “The Metalizer”, the apocalypse now flavored “The Last Sunset” and the blackened future enclosed within “30 Years”, these two earlier mentioned tunes are works of art right there in your machine, punishing with their sorrowful nature while being eye openers. Not too heavy, yet foreboding enough to be reckoned with. This is the essence of PERZONAL WAR to me.

Closer to the early mighty discography, “The Last Sunset” is a great power play by the Germans. Without attempting to reverse angles or ride upon a wave of trends, PERZONAL WAR remained true to itself and they kick ass and hard. They are the Metalizer.


4 Star Rating

1. Salvation
2. Speed of Time
3. 30 Years
4. Never Look Back
5. Metalizer
6. When Faith Has Gone Forever
7. What Would You Say?
8. The Last Sunset
9. Times of Hate
10. I See Nothing
Matthias "Metti" Zimmer – Guitars / Vocals
Martin Buchwalter - Drums
Björn Kluth - Bass
Andreas Ballnus - Guitars
Record Label: Metalville Records


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