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Perzonal War – Captive Breeding

Perzonal War
Captive Breeding
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 April 2012, 8:50 PM

PERZONAL WAR, ever since I have known them as PERSONAL WAR, has been one of those bands that didn't fail to impress even after making changes in their music style. When I first laid my hands on their third album "Different But The Same", which was the first in my collection of their discography, I was bombed and swept to my knees with joy with their Thrash Metal attitude added by blasts of modern Power Metal melodies. Over the years they became a little groovier and were swept into the modern version of Thrash. I have to admit that in their case it didn't bother me because as if by magic they knew how to strike my nerves. Four years after their solid "Bloodline", once album via their older label AFM Records, PERZONAL WAR returned with two new members, bass and guitar, and a fresh assault under the name of "Captive Breeding" via their new label, Metalville Records. Though not in the same calibre of "Different But The Same" or "Newtimechaos", "Captive Breeding" was able to excel on its previous contender while also displaying the groovy approach of the band as a virtue for the road ahead.

After "Times Burn Red" of 2005, I began noticing a pattern in the PERZONAL WAR's music; it turned even more aggressive than before. Well not in the same manners as their first two albums, as the outcomes turned out more melodic. On "Captive Breeding" most of the songs are direct straightforward onslaughts of great modern Thrash riffing along with amazing harmonies of the duo axmen, chunky soloing played well by the new guitarist on the block, Andreas Ballnus,hard knocking beats of steel and the decisive rhythms by the consistent Martin Buchwalterand partner in the rhythm section, Björn Kluth. Also I can't forgetthe once Hetfield oriented soaring vocal style of Metti Zimmer. Frankly, I think that this album, along with the previous "Bloodline", proves that Zimmer found his niche as a Metal singer. He might have had inclinations of Hetfield's vocal pattern, but over the years he has developed his own iron like voice following the slight German accent assisted him on gaining positive recognition in my bill.

When it came to the harsh nature of the songs, PERZONAL WAR kept it rather simple most of the way. Heaviness is something that has been a part of this beast for a long time and it didn't stop here, it actually intensified meaning that "Captive Breeding" is a heavy album. "Regression of the Art", "Incarnation", "Tongues Of Cleavage" and "Tearing the Old" destroyed with their bombastic Thrash direction but always savoured a place for some good old melodic flavour. However, and that was a little surprising even for me, "Captive Breeding" made me like a different setting of tunes in the image of "The End" and "Candor Hurts" that their music seemed to drive from modern American Metal style. I wouldn't call it Nu Metal because I think it will give PERZONAL WAR's material a somewhat of a bad name, but it made glances at the Alternative side of Metal. Nonetheless, unlike the latter subgenre, the band's style is way more melodic, harmonious and great to listen to.

From my end, it is another great PERZONAL WAR release. Though as I mentioned earlier I would have preferred something similar to the older material, yet the new stuff isn't bad and it is even better. This album is recommended and I urge you to head on and get it.       

4 Star Rating

1. Regression of the Art
2. Tongues Of Cleavage
3. Dead Man's Theories
4. Incarnation
5. The Cocoon
6. The Last Day
7. Lost
8. Unfailing System
9. Tearing the Old
10. Termination
11. The End
12. Candor Hurts
13. My Fate 
Matthias "Metti" Zimmer – Vocals / Guitars
Martin Buchwalter- Drums
Björn Kluth- Bass
Andreas Ballnus- Guitars
Record Label: Metalville Records


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