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Perzonal War - When Times Turn Red (CD)

Perzonal War
When Times Turn Red
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 October 2005, 12:00 AM

We don't pierce asses, we crush them reads the bio's note on the back cover of the promo CD. Ok, then Cannibal Corpse would gulp down them too and Marduk would sacrifice them to Satan. Well, if this is a way of praising a band of your roster, I don't mind. Still, there always are a few better ways for an ass to be used…
Perzonal War seem to be in action for nearly ten yeas now. The German four-piece act underwent a major (sic) name change, exchanging the 's' with a 'z' and there is no way I can remember if I have previously heard anything from this confident band. I had a pretty rough time trying to find where the f**k the audio tracks were on the enhanced promo CD. The trial was interrupted as soon as I bumped onto a two-minute video sample of the For The Last Time cut. Well, it was good! Vocal harmonies between Solitude Aeturnus and Conception/Kamelot backed by an 'updated' Heavy/Thrash combination of melodies. Hmmm, I have to find the f****n' audio tracks to see what it's all about…
Nearly 250 minutes of Perzonal War is a good doze of Rock 'n' Roll… To cut a long story short: I'd bet my ugly ass that this band is either German or Scandinavian. Harsh guitar riffs - groovy yet 'disciplined' - supported by the appropriate bass/drums combo. Bravo'! The vocals of Zimmer deal equally with melancholy and aggression. Think of Pantera, Metallica, In Flames and Evanescence merging into one throat. As for the songs themselves, the mixture goes alike. Songs like When Times Turn Red and In Flames will make you bet James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich made a guest appearance while cuts like 5 More Days or Frozen Image show a combination of Paradise Lost-meets-System Of A Down tendency. Yes, you do enjoy their playing and various lead guitar moments presented by skilled musicians with a clear scope to work hard for their goal.
You think you want an album like When Time Turns Red to please your aforementioned needs? Grab it, satisfaction guaranteed! The rest, aim for a 'trial mode' at first. Then try it again and then I think you'll purchase it. It's such a strong plus for this band to win you over. To clear things out: 1st audition made it to 5/10 and the last one (5th or 6th?) scored what you can see below. And all this from a motherfucker who's not that 'open' to the 90's/00's sounds. Good!

3 Star Rating

When Time Turns Red
In Flames
For The Last Time
The Unbeliever
My Conspiracy
New Age
Frozen Image
5 More Days
Hope Dies Last
Matthias 'Metti' Zimmer - Vocals & Guitar
Sascha Kerschgens - Guitar
Sven Krautkramer - Bass
Martin Buchwalter - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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