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Pessimist - Death From Above

Death From Above
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 04 April 2013, 11:30 AM

Heeding the hellish call of war Germany's PESSIMIST wreak havoc with “Death From Above”. This is their second full-length album and these fierce fighters don't fuck with fate, or care about detractors when they deliver the deeds of hate. I have not heard their debut “Call To War”, but this sophomore release will ensure that the blood will flow! Fans of KREATOR, PARADOX, PROTECTOR, ACCUSER, SODOM, ESSENCE, etc. will fall under their tumultuous anthems and pay mind to the unrelenting lethal aggression.

The album begins with the German song “Feindfahrt” and this song is pure death by torture. They also commenced the kill on their debut with a native language cut called “Trommelfeuer”. The frantic “World Of Pain” guarantees another day in mania and madness. The crushing title track has some slow chugging, but this is more like be strangled by the chords of death, and awaiting your final decay. “The Fallen” is just awesome, and sets the stage for the more Punk inspired “Antisocial Bastard”. Here I am reminded of the UK act WILD PUSSY who only released one (EP) “Menarchy” in 1989.

The pissed mystic Michael “TZ” Schwitzer really knows how to get his point across with his viral articulations. “Blood Will Flow” is the fastest track and it is just menacing! Meanwhile, the chaotic cadence of “The Last Bastion” is totally climatic! Richard Beck and Eric Tobian know their way around Teutonic axes and Daniel “Zufi” Zuflucht crushes the skins. The production is powerful for this MDD Records release.

If not for this site, and the wonderful opportunity to write reviews for relatively unknown acts, I may never have experienced the might of PESSIMIST. Thankfully, the promising consequences leave me to tear it up and Thrash hard. I have completely been privileged to become immersed and inundated by this deluge of noise and their infernal death tone. Now I willingly spread the news of their clear, caustic smite, so that any fan of Thrash may enter their terror zone.

3 Star Rating

1. Feindfahrt
2. World of Pain
3. Death From Above
4. The Fallen
5. Antisocial Bastard
6. Blood Will Flow
7. Behind the Veil (Instrumental)
8. Don't Care
9. The Last Bastion
Michael “TZ” Schwitzer – Vocals
Richard Beck – Lead Guitars
Eric Tobian – Rhythm Guitars
Severin “Sevi” Wossner – Bass, Backing Vocals
Daniel “Zufi” Zuflucht – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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