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Pessimist - Slaughtering The Faithful (Reissue) Award winner

Slaughtering The Faithful
by Craig Rider at 02 April 2016, 11:19 AM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this Death Metal quintet known as PESSIMIST, hailing from the United States of America and signed via Obscure Musick.

Death Metal is that genre I hold dearly; as a fan of it, I can appreciate almost every band I come across, so long as the sound production is solidified and pounding…I'm a happy thrasher, and PESSIMIST, thankfully, are no exception. PESSIMIST were born in the early 90s; founded by the talented Kelly McLauchlin, who then disbanded PESSIMIST several years after the release of their 3rd album, “Slaughtering The Faithful”, in order to play with more notable acts such as: DIABOLIC, ANGELCORPSE and the legendary POSSESSED. They then regrouped some years later, re-acquiring the rights to their three legendary albums; “Cult Of The Initiated”, “Blood For The Gods” and this album: “Slaughtering The Faithful, signed with Obscure Musick and re-release all three albums in re-mastered form, with a bunch of added bonuses i.e., Demos, and a Live performance from their show in 2002 at the “HellholeWNYU Live On-Air radio performance.

PESSIMIST has re-united in 2014; they are alive and kicking, playing at venues and festivals and making a new album entitled “Keys To The Underworld”; it's about time, guys! For fans of PESSIMIST; that's a good 15 years of twiddling their thumbs, craving for new material. You have the odd compilation album, “Evolution Onto Evil”, full of MEGADETH and KREATOR covers, which I'll most definitely be checking out after writing this up! PESSIMIST also participated in MEGADED and the “Tribute To KREATOR” cover albums.

So…with that all said and done; hardcore fans know the drill of “Slaughtering The Faithful”, but for newcomers sake (like me), who have never got the chance to test PESSIMIST's steel…I'm proud to jam to this classic as it really is a high-quality package, with the sound production loud-as-fuck, solid and mean, everything about this re-release is 100% spot on Death Metal brutality. Hardcore fans alike will also want to check it out for the added bonuses that await for that craving hunger you've been dying to edge off.

We have some fine musicians here; Kelly McLauchlin on guitar, plays some fabulously written riffs that just get me banging in every sense of the word…I had a helluva time thrashing to William Hayden's secondary riff patterns, as well; on top of that, the added powerhouse that is Chris Pernia, who pounds the shit out of his drums; similarly found with Kelly Conlon, who pumps out some incredible notes on her bass guitar. And IvanThe Evil One” who I found had similarly massive growling talent from the mighty DEPRAVED PLAGUE's Mark Taylor… This is a band that sound like they take great care in what they do; perfecting themselves to become this great feat that is… PESSIMIST.

Now when I say this re-issue is worth checking out again; that definitely is true for support sake, and doubly true for collector's sake. Tracks 11-16 “Hellhole Radio”, Stripped Of Immortality”, “Summoned To Suffer”, “Requiem”, “Baptized In Blasphemy” and “Setlist Hellhole” are all Live performances from an exert via WNYU, 89.1FM radio station and they all sound pretty destructive, in a good way; they blew my mind, as did the rest of the album, in that respect. The 2000 Demo of “Summoned To Suffer” was notably crushing as well; I always find demos more raw and solid; look at MEGADETH's “Rust In Peace” album…Re-mastered Demo version of “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” …and then you'll see why I love Demos a whole bunch, more so than the originals, in most cases…they are much more deadly, in my opinion.

But anyway, the album…”Slaughtering The Faithful” in its original form of songs; produced by Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL), digitally re-mastered by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez (Live sound for NILE, MORBID ANGEL) …and a performance filled with sadistic, Blackened Death Metal in similar vein of KRISIUN, HATE ETERNAL, and IMMOLATION etc. In a sense…expect your mind blown after finishing off this album, as mine certainly was. The album starts in true Death Metal fashion; with “Requiem” opening the album with an introduction that gets me excited to bring the carnage in full force with the title track “Slaughtering The Faithful”, a headbanging masterpiece awaits me…”Summoned To Suffer”, “Resurrected Torment”, “Infernal Abyss” offer nothing but an ultra-violence of extreme Death Metal in full pursuit. And honestly…”Baptized In Blasphemy”, “Metempsychosis”, “Embodiment Of Impurity” and “Stripped Of Immortality”, offer a fantastic production of steel-tasting, crushing melody of groove-like extreme Metal power!

Bottom line…I can't give this album anything other than props; a band that has took the time to cover MEGADETH and KREATOR classics, immediately has my attention. Not only that, the band in question: PESSIMIST have earned themselves a new fan, this release of “Slaughtering The Faithful” has not only made me headbang like a demented nutcase, but also encouraged me to check out the other albums; as a new fan who's enjoyed this album immeasurably, how can I not?

And so should you.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Requiem
2. Slaughtering The Faithful
3. Summoned To Suffer
4. Resurrected Torment
5. Infernal Abyss
6. Baptized In Blasphemy
7. Metempsychosis
8. Embodiment Of Impurity
9. Stripped Of Immortality
10. Summoned To Suffer (2000 Demo)
11. Hellhole Radio (Live At WNYU)
12. Stripped Of Immortality (Live At WNYU)
13. Summoned To Suffer (Live At WNYU)
14. Requiem (Live At WNYU)
15. Baptized In Blasphemy (Live At WNYU)
16. Setlist Hellhole (Live At WNYU)
Kelly McLauchlin - Guitars
Chris Pernia - Drums
Kelly Conlon - Bass
William Hayden - Guitars
Ivan "The Evil One" - Vocals
Record Label: Obscure Musick


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Edited 05 October 2022

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