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Pest - Rest In Morbid Darkness (CD)

Rest In Morbid Darkness
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 January 2008, 10:38 AM

Colder than the coldest lake, darker than the darkest forest and more evil than the devil himself. PEST are back with their brand new blasphemous assault reminding us that Black Metal has nothing to do with gay melodies, female vocals and atmospheric keyboards. The black metallers will tear your flesh apart with old school infernal melodies and pure insane Black Metal. Be prepared for a ride through the depths of hell, and there is no turning back…

The Swedish blacksters have been delivering hellfire since 1997. The band's line up has always been the same, with Necro and Equimanthorn forging their Black Metal weaponry in the primitive way. The band has offered numerous works like their really good Blasphemy Is My Throne (2002) or the latest In Total Contempt (2005). As their label (Season Of Mist) says, their brand new full-length work is consisted of nine hymns, all in the spirit of blackened demo metal!

Have you missed the sense of the always-burning Black Metal flame? Have you been tired of watching stupid wannabes wearing spikes and leather trying to present an image that is a result of their fathers, who didn't beat the living shit out of them when they were young? I guess some of you are (the rest of you just keep listening to CRADLE OF FILTH until you realize that they are not Black Metal), so I am here to present PEST's Rest In Morbid Darkness, an album full of old school music that is based on the duet's passion and honesty and not a polished production followed by a colossal promotional campaign. The Swedish sickos are playing the music we all came to know by incredible bands like DARKTHRONE, TSJUDER and MAYHEM. Even though they are Swedish, it seems like there is some Norwegian blood running through their veins.

The production is exactly what their label described as “demo metal. Raw and filthy sound that makes the guitars sound like sharp razors and the vocals more like a demonic calling coming from the flames of hell. Do you ask for more? Then I suggest what DARKTHRONE said a while ago…FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

4 Star Rating

Possessed By The Beast
Nights In The Cursed Chapel
Blessed By Hellfire
Rest In Morbid Darkness
Bestial Crucifixion
Vomit Up The Blood Of Jesus
Shadows Of The Dead
Final Strike Of Doom
The Lust For Cruelty
Necro - Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Equimanthorn - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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