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Pestifer - Age Of Disgrace (Reissue)

Age Of Disgrace (Reissue)
by Craig Rider at 26 June 2022, 7:15 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PESTIFER; signed via XenoCorp, hailing from Belgium grounds - performing Technical Death Metal, on their 3rd full-length studio album entitled: “Age Of Disgrace” (re-released on June 3rd, 2022). Since formation in 2004; the quintet in question have 2 demos entitled: “Demo 2006” (released February 3rd, 2006) and “Promo 2013” (released 2013), and 3 full-length studio albums entitled: “Expanding Oblivion” (released March 13th, 2020), “Reaching The Void” (released April 15th, 2014) among this here debut re-issue of which I am introduced to entitled: “Age Of Disgrace”. 14 tracks ranging a around 43:02; PESTIFER arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Technical Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this ominously jarring introductory epic of the titular track; this dark but blackened synthwave of attack entitled: “Age Of Disgrace” engages a belting array in a bludgeoning ensemble of some rampantly rompy technicalities in Death Metal mayhem that invades you with this utility of manic maelstrom virulence until “Contagious” clobbers eardrums a bruising calamity in dexterously dynamic virtuosity which bulldozes immensely with sturdy thuds & vicious volatility. This quirky manifestation on fierce firepower expertise fiercely bashes speakers & souls with gnarly distortion amongst an amplified adrenaline on rapidly nimble substance from consisting shredders Emerson Devresse who rips side by side with Antoine Paterka. This organic element implements a barrage frenzy of trailblazing hooks, along with sulfurous versatility on ruthless pandemonium tactics that will rattle skulls with berserking distortion in no time flat.

Sleepless Century” grinds away with swift stability; synergised with rifting meatiness where spectral stompiness from hammering drummer Philippe Gustin slams the set with steely precision & progressive technicality, profound with venomous flickerer Adrian Gustin who injects an infectiously primitive slab of solid tightness amongst a concretely gritty rev of piercing retribution with profusely robust maelstrom zeal. Prodigious rumbles reverberate with vibrantly potent grooves, battering with monolithic tempo & rambunctiously tight tramples that stridently impulse an impactful hybrid of experimental force, as the symbolic scouring of snares within “Forsaken Flesh” tears with twinning pursuits of towering strikes that merge with distinctively distinguished attributes of uniquely vehement yet systematic slays which fires in all cylinders and forges a riveting mobility on persistently persevering riffage that surges with complex characteristics for intense but immersive measure.

Tentacles Of Damnation” distributes a maddening wrath of contorted execution; as killer laceration outrè's with this wildly rushing panache on razor-sharp grips, along with this weighty roar of shouty raspiness & throaty gutturals from Jérôme Bernard in which soar with uproarious growls amongst a guttural heft in gritty gnarliness that unearths this pugnacious yet salubrious malformation of monstrous, chaos drilling havoc. Bleeding flamboyance stampedes with rampaging grumbles and malignant quakes of trembling tonality within “Mind Control” which obliterates minds with a borderline foundation on radically wicked fundamentals in flexible blends of brutal bestiality and dominating swerves of bashful furore and punchy voids of densely compact viscerality that will make one want to break chairs over other chairs into a vixation of rage tremoring fury.

Betrayal Of Light” shines through you with extreme cracks on nifty sav; crafting a blistering boundary on resounding echoes in booming vigor, rigorously motoring with evolving bellows and grunty aggression tenfold that savagely intrigues holes with sweltering noise terror which revolves around a crunchy chunk of methodical songwriting adroidness in which wonders with penetrating demolishion in lithe procedure to boot. “The Worm” slithers through with acute aesthetics in ballistic stew, that fabricates a detailed conundrum in thumpy momentum that thralls with a frolicking chug of thrilling gallops and creatively menacing morphs of outrageous transgressions of guitar flows that will marvel your hardened brain with mighty yet strong significance.

"Carcinogenic Matter" materialises with more boisterously bouncy carnage and jumpy malevolence, while oppressive oblivion beckons an amplified plan of attack in twinning swarve & sophisticated strife within the penultimate banger "Involution Process" - until the overall concluding damnation of hellish inventivity with "The Clue, The Lie And The Death" embellishes a sinister kick of blastful beats and battering torment that transforms one to unleash total blitzkrieg in no time.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that PESTIFER most surely outdone themselves with "Age Of Disgrace", a re-issue that most certainly deserves a couple of listens as it delivered an enjoyably entertaining discovery that should please most Technical Death Metal maniacs with no doubt in my mind. While the overall songwriting production feels all over the place, the musical integrity is still potentially talented which will blow brains with monumental transition. This banging but deathly record provides replayable spins that will serve well within the minds of this subgenre at hand, doing it supreme justice with beefy assimilation - do check it out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Age Of Disgrace
2. Contagious
3. Sleepless Century
4. Forsaken Flesh
5. Tentacles of Damnation
6. Mind Control
7. Betrayal Of The Light
8. The Worm
9. Carcinogenic Matter
10. Involution Process
11. The Clue, The Lie And The Death
12. Wrested From Saturn (2006 Demo Bonus)
13. Carcinogenic Matter (2006 Demo Bonus)
14. Solstitium (2006 Demo Bonus)
Jérôme Bernard - Vocals
Adrian Gustin - Bass
Antoine Paterka - Guitars
Philippe Gustin - Drums
Emerson Devresse - Guitars
Record Label: Xenokorp


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