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Pestiferous - Deep Dark Seasons (CD)

Deep Dark Seasons
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 March 2007, 8:10 PM

Some bands don't seem to be aware of the word progress. It's ok to stick up to what you believe, but up to a point. When a band gets over those limits, it manages to sound old, retro or however you can call it. I'm not a big fan of progress in music, but… WAKE UP!!! We're in 2006!

PESTIFEROUS were formed in 1998, so you can see that they're not a band that carries many years on its back. As they say themselves, they were formed in order to create depressive and suicidal music from their minds to themselves. They established PESTIFEROUS as a name in 1999. Until then, they played under different names.

PESTIFEROUS are deeply influenced by bands such as DARKTHRONE, CARPATHIAN FOREST, old SATYRICON etc. Recorded at Old School Studio, except vocals and bass which were recorded in Studio Hellbound, Deep Dark Seasons is an album that is covered in tons of dust. It's a 2005 release, but it surely has this lost feeling. We're talking about original Black Metal here! You can feel this cold, dark and evil 80's feeling in every single track. Pure Black Metal holocaust!

The sound is raw, something that best fits for this genre. Forget all those clean productions. It's easy to get this special sound PESTIFEROUS have. Simple riffs that are written just to haunt you! Don't expect any technical parts and hyper blasting speed. The only thing this release is going to give you is straight in your face Black Metal. It contains what every fan of the genre could ask for. There are also some slight Thrash influences. For example, The Womb starts with a catchy, thrashy riff. On all of the above, you can add the dark and classic Black Metal cover. Forests, castles, and everything in black and white. Respect!

Most of you will surely feel disgusted by such a release. It's something that is not for every listener. Black Metal fanatics (the authentic ones…), this is a must have for all of you. As PESTIFEROUS say: A really black, misanthropic gem.

3 Star Rating

Cold Human Wasteland
Bewildering Flames
To The Cold Grave
When Shadows Swallow The Candles
Gathering In The Woods
The Womb
Reign Of Chaos
Hate And Agony
Beyond Slumber Of Man's Death
Desolation Lead The Fevers
The Sphere Of Darkness
A Name In The Black Water
E. Partanen - Vocals, Guitar
T. Oikari - Bass
M. Minkkinen - Drums, Guitar
Guest Musicians:
T. Saarenketo - Guitar, Bass
Record Label: Behemoth Productions


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