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Pestilent Age - Unwavering Futility

Pestilent Age
Unwavering Futility
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 April 2021, 2:06 PM

Many people usually ask where and when Death Metal was born. It’s not so easy to answer such a question, because it’s obvious that VENOM was a huge influence for extreme Metal genres in the first half of the 80’s. It’s usual to assume that DEATH, POSSESSED, MASSACRE and MASTER were the pioneers on USA, but HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, and the early works of KREATOR, SODOM and DESTRUCTION were important as well. So it’s a question with only one answer. But it’s good to hear bands playing and old and classic form of Death Metal today, as the USA quartet PESTILENT AGE, as can be heard on the 3-tracks EP “Unwavering Futility”.

They play, as the words written above state clear, an Old School Death Metal band, heavily influenced be early works from names as DEATH, BOLT THROWER and ENTOMBED (from “Left Hand Path” days), and something from SLAYER from “South of Heaven” age (due the extensive use of slower tempos, evading the ‘full-speed-ahead’ outfit). They’re not focused on something extremely technical, but brutal and oppressive, with an energetic impact and some influences from Thrash Metal and Hardcore in some moments. And besides the quartet isn’t doing anything different that is already known, they have potential to do something great on the future.

The sonority of this EP was created by Leland Roach (producer, who did the mixing, the recording, and the edition), with the mastering done by Josh Schroeder. The result is something raw and surly, as the sonorities of the past. But the way the things were done are not to emulate the past. It’s only the primordial form of recording, but with the help of modern techs. As the ears of everyone will get what the quartet is about, “Force Fed Their Truth” (a song with a simple technique, but with good arrangements on the guitars), “Transgressions” (another song without fast tempos, and with a solid work on bass guitar and drums), and “Unwavering Futility” (the primordial Hardcore fast tempos influence into Death Metal is clear on this one, with good Old School snarls on vocals) are songs that could be done in a better shape. They’re good, but could be even better, so it’s time for the band to lapidate their musical ideas.

PESTILENT AGE has a lot of potential to use, and sharpening their talent, they’ll be unstoppable. But for now, “Unwavering Futility” is just a good release.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Force Fed Their Truth
2. Transgressions
3. Unwavering Futility
Taylor Sharpe - Vocals
Lee Roach - Guitars, Vocals
Spud - Bass
Steve Worley - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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