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Pestilent Death - Cemeterial Befoulment

Pestilent Death
Cemeterial Befoulment
by Tom Colyer at 18 August 2014, 3:05 PM

It is pretty difficult to get verbose about an E.P that consists of 2 songs so this may be a fairly short review but I think in this case, that will do justice to the subject matter.

PESTILENT DEATH is a three piece Death-Fuck band from one of the most poverty stricken and dangerous places to live on the planet – Los Angeles.  They follow in a long tradition of Death Metal acts that are thrown together with an ideal of being dark and brooding, having decided upon their pseudonyms and the name of the band by having a go on one of those “What is your metal name?” images on Facebook.  I'm all up for fledgling bands and I'm all up for shite Death Metal when it has a good sense of humour (See TORSOFUCK – “Raped By Elephants” as an example) but sadly, these guys seem just a little too brooding for my taste.  The production has that foggy quality that all new bands go through and sounds like it could almost have been recorded on a tape player at Retch's mum house.  The guitars are good enough, not particularly outstanding and not so abysmally sloppy as to induce groans of musical failure and malady.  I'm still quite intrigued about the drums though as I could find no mention of a drummer but they do not sound overly programmed.  I know that in this day and age it is possible to have drums programmed so well that you can't tell the difference *cough*MESHUGGA*cough* but regardless, they sound real and that's something I can respect.

The actual musical side of all of this is so standard that I can't even think of any imaginative, yet spurious analogies for it. I could waffle on about the slow, trudging tempo feeling like a midnight stroll in a graveyard and the sudden drop into blast beats symbolising the exhumation of your favourite corpse to defile but that would just be too easy.  Instead, I'll keep it to this – If you are a connoisseur of wet behind the ears metal bands then you may well like these guys but I would recommend giving them a few more years to age, to sculpt a more interesting sound and then, maybe then they will be ready to come and join the party of heavenly delights in the morgue.

3 Star Rating

1. Cemeterial Befoulment
2. Premonitions Of Misery
Retch – Vocals
Ominous – Guitar
Skullfucker - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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