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Pestilential Shadows - Ephemeral Award winner

Pestilential Shadows
by Paulomaniaco at 25 January 2015, 3:42 AM

Aussies PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS have been around since 2003 and despite all the changes that they had with members the essence of their music have been kept intact, Balam the only member since day one and the mastermind behind all remains in the band. it is quite interesting the Black Metal wave that plagued Sydney and it is amazing how strong it is still going, actually Australia as far as I know have a great Metal scene with very good bands, not only Black Metal but Power, Thrash and Death as well.

"Ephemeral" is a very melodic and depressing album, dark and at times aggressive, you may find yourself lost in a morbid atmosphere, desolation is felt in every track and their music is very original and at times it feels more like going towards Doom and Gothic. The low-fi approach is quite nice because it fits perfectly throughout the album.

"Mill And Discord" starts very mellow with those guitars cutting through the flesh very slowly and harsh vocals typical from Black Metal; then you have "Fragments" ,also very slow beginning and then evolves into a beast hungry for flesh.

This album has a unique sound;, it is raw and very underground, if you like very extreme and fast music then I don't think you will have much fun in here because "Ephemeral" is slow, heavy and gloomy, however it is a good album and I do recommend, it is just a matter of opening one's mind and going deep into this journey to darkness. I myself felt this way but then I realized that the trip is well worth taking.

I will not pick a favourite track because every track is different and has its own essence within, as the production goes I think they have done a great job indeed, I think fans of MY DYING BRIDE will have no problems with this album and the art cover is a masterpiece. very morbid, very smart and reflects the music perfectly.

5 Star Rating

1. Throes
2. Mill of Discord
3. Fragments
4. Sorrow Of Tongues
5. Hymn Of Isolation And Suicide
6. Ephemeral
7. Expired
Balam - Vocals
Somnus - Guitar
Basilysk - Drums
Gaap - Bass
Decay - Guitar
Record Label: Seance Records


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