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Pestlegion - Dominus Profundum Award winner

Dominus Profundum
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 08 July 2017, 10:23 AM

The past is truly strong in the Metal scene worldwide. In the extreme Metal genres, it’s a reality, because many bands prefer to play in an Old School format. But there are many dangers to this method, because if you can’t do something of your own, if you can’t breathe some life into a moldy old way, you’re risking your work to be labeled as a “carbon copy” of what already exists. But the quartet PESTLEGION, from Germany, seems to know that and on their first album, called “Dominus Profundum”, unleashed a violent and furious music, a storm of violence.

They are in an old fashion of Black Metal, making efforts to sound as those bands from earlier ages of SWOBM (Second Wave of Black Metal), but strangely, they’re not in the same veins from bands of Norway, Sweden or Greece. No, they are in a way of bands like ABIGOR with something that MYSTIC CIRCLE used to be, and touches from some ancients from Austria and Germany. Their sound is harsh and raw, brutal and aggressive, but it’s different from what we heard before, something that comes from their hearts.  The sound quality of the album is raw and really aligned with what bands from the old days of Black Metal did, with focus on the aggressiveness of their music. Obviously, it was done with care to sound clear and comprehensive to the fans, but it’s aggressive and dry to the point to make the ears of those who aren’t used to Black Metal ache. The artwork is another point that shows a lot their Old School way.

Thunderous and brutal, sometimes as fast as lightning, on other slower and climatic, the work from PESTLEGION is truly very good. Songs as the fast and hypnotic “Reaping Their Sins” and their lovely guitar riffs, the abrasive and intense tempos of “The Witchhammer” (with a fine work from bass guitar and drums, and very good guitar solos), the brutality and raw melodic feeling that fills “Fog that Crawls from the Coffin Lid” (pay attention to the somber keyboards parts), the oppressive and atmospheric slow parts of “A Tale of Lycanthrophy” (very, very good vocals), the fast and bitter essence of “His Dominion” and “The Allseeing Eye”, and the grasp graven scent of “In Rememberance” can be named as their best moments. But I must say that the entire album is amazing.

Their name is a very good revelation for this year, and I hope that PESTLEGION can evolve and return in a near future, as one of the greatest names of Black Metal. Yes, I believe a lot in their musical work. Listen to “Dominus Profundus” and enjoy the trip!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Reaping Their Sins
3. The Witchhammer
4. Fog that Crawls from the Coffin Lid
5. Wings of Death
6. Land of Frost
7. A Tale of Lycanthrophy
8. His Dominion
9. The Allseeing Eye
10. In Rememberance
B. von Doom - Vocals, Bass
Caladrius - Guitars
Tenebriz - Guitars
Tynn - Drums
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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