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Pet The Preacher - The Cave And The Sunlight

Pet The Preacher
The Cave And The Sunlight
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 26 May 2014, 12:20 PM

PET THE PREACHER is a Stoner Metal band from Copenhagen in Denmark. The band was formed back in 2010 and pretty close to is emergence, in 2011, released “Meet the Creature”, a year later the debut “The Banjo”, EP “Papa Zen & Meet the Creature” in 2013 and fresh album “The Cave & the Sunlight” in 2014.

The opening verses of “The Cave” feed the listeners with soother guitars but with Doomy echoes. “Let Your Dragon Fly” kicks into gear with energetic low tuned guitaring, raw Metal with vintage Stoner roots for the masses, massive guitars sounds that won't put Zakk Wylde to shame and a fine  guitar solo. “Fire Baby” issues bit of melodic riffery, guided by the band's consistent Stony vibe,  while "Remains" indulges the vibrant vocals and fabulous rhythm section tightness with slower beat and excellent high end chorus with the right edge of Blues. More than worth to listen are “What Now”, which is over 7 minutes journey of the band's antics and attitude, half of it is instrumental, Doom atmosphere with notices of progression. Also there is the 9 minutes epic track “The Web” sharing the former's same ambiance. “I'm Not Gonna” takes that needed break with a loosed groove Rocker along with “Marching Earth Pt.1” abiding by the old values, great bass line and drums with similarity to TOOL but with a melodic hint. “Kamikaze Knight” shrivels Grunge and Metal, a mix FOO FIGHTERS & TOOL with bombastic rhythm section al'a SYSTEM OF A DOWN's “Chop Suey”.

PET THE PREACHER has a good thing going with “The Cave & the Sunlight”, especially due to the nature of the vintage experience that I have undergone with it. I believe that it could appeal any Rock fan, of course Metalheads and Grunge followers would take quite a pleasure from it as well, open mind is important, particularly with the band's long eposes. Have a go with it asap.

4 Star Rating

1. The Cave
2. Let Your Dragon Fly
3. Kamikaze Knight
4. Remains
5. Fire Baby
6. Marching Earth Pt.1
7. Marching Earth Pt.2
8. The Pig & The Haunted
9. What Now
10. I'm Not Gonna
11. The Web
Christian Hede Madsen - Guitars, Vocals
Torben Wæver Pedersen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Christian Von Larsen - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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