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Pete Way - Acoustic Animal (CD)

Pete Way
Acoustic Animal
by Grigoris Chronis at 01 August 2004, 8:15 PM

Starting from the CD inlay comment: “The Acoustic Animal is the story of the life of a true Rock-n-Roll animal. Thirty years living in the limelight on major stages worldwide. Now sitting in his garden with a glass of wine and an acoustic guitar letting his soul pour out while telling a lifetime of stories.
Well, here's a different point of view from a well known & respected musician, with a significant discography career spanning from the early 70's to today's era. Pete Way, the long time U.F.O.  bassist - also a core member of 80's hard rockers Waysted, along with guitarist Paul Chapman - hangs his adorable Thunderbird bass off his neck, grabs his acoustic guitar and filters his soul through his 6-string partner. As the audition comes to end, I believe I am convinced by his mood. Also, his motive…
This CD consists of 10 tracks, including an acoustic remake of Waysted's  “Heaven Tonight  1985 track plus the  “Working Class Hero  cover of John Lennon's moderate 1970 song. Participant instruments are limited to two acoustic guitars, mainly “handled by Pete himself and gladly succored by fellow guitarist Michael Christian. I don't think there's any need to present a song-by-song based review, since this effort is meant to be faced in an altogether aspect. Building a stable basis of simple - nearly “naive - chord-based melodies, it seems that Pete seeks to channel some excerpts from his vast experience via his lyric themes, generously to be shared with(in) any potential listener. Excerpts focusing on the real life itself in a man's mind, the thoughts, the worries, the feelings, the lessons well learned. Not totally succeeding to stay away from the Bob Dylan-ish well-established “guitar- and- an-average-voice pattern, it's for sure that this mixture of simple acoustic melodies added by a “from the depths of my soul voice - overall covered by a plain-as-hell “raw-live production - leaves a very good taste of what real rock's about in the real rocker's life and inner world. The memories included seem priceless, the pure rock feeling endorsed flows “within…
That's Pete Way as you have never heard him before - and maybe will never hear this Way ever again. No distortion, no sweat. Just himself and his acoustic “comrade. Trust him, you (we) have so much to learn from (with) that kinda guy…

3 Star Rating

American Kid
Heaven Tonight
Fooled Again
Hole In My Heart
Hand To Hold
That's Tuff
If You Need Me
Hangin' Out
Working Class Hero
Pete Way - Guitar & Vocals   
Michael Christian - Guitar
Record Label: Majestic Rock Records


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