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Petyr - Smolyk Award winner

by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 27 June 2018, 10:16 AM

Everybody that is older than 30 that plays video games knows that skateboard game called Tony Hawk Skateboarding. If not, you surely know about that guy who's a famous skateboarder. Well that guy's got a child named Riley, and that guy is a skateboard pro like his father. Now you're wondering ,"why does that guy talks about skateboarding?" Well, Riley Hawk has another passion: playing stoner rock and psych rock between two ramp sessions!
This album is fully fuzz powered frenzy guitars and  shows quite a nice vibe. Easy to listen to, pretty joyful and headbanging approved 100% .These guys are inspired by everyday life and writes music between skateboard hanging out with friends and we can feel it. It's like being surrounded by a bunch of great people sharing a great energy and will to have fun and rock n' roll. This album is called "Smolyk" as a tribute to skater Peter Smolik.

"Smolyk" is their second release since 2017's eponymous album. They played the Desert Daze Festival in California that year and earn a great success.They went to Tillburg too and played The green Room and the Hall of Fame. They mix in a good way hard rock and the skate culture, in the like of the masters FU MANCHU. Also they are from San Diego, same as another great act in the genre called EARTHLESS. If you don't know them yet, go hear some now, you won't be disappointed. Here we have eight tracks each sharing a great dose of well written music and riffs, solos, and drumming. This album is kinda flawless. Not reinventing the genre, not revolutionary, but quite inspired and giving such a great time the time of a listen. All the tracks fits pretty well. I didn't feel any weak parts or low moments in the entire album. It's like skateboarding, raw energy and movement, spectacular moves, great moments and a lotta smile and fun.


Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Smolyk Part 1
2. Smolyk Part 2
3. Smolyk Part 3
4. Smolyk Part 4
5. Sunrise Double
6. Salt Lake
7. Grease 'em All
8. Zero Time (Dark)
9. Distant Shores
Riley Hawk  - Guitar
Holland Redd  - Guitar
Nick McDonnell - Drums
Luke Devigny - Bass
Record Label: Outer Battery Records


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