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PH – Osiris Hayden

Osiris Hayden
by Santiago Puyol at 25 November 2019, 9:17 AM

PH (also known as MR. PETER HYDEN) is a Finnish Space Rock band with Psychedelia, Electronica, Krautrock, Stoner, Post-Rock and Shoegaze elements in their sound. With almost two decades of musical career behind them, they have delivered their sixth studio album, "Osiris Hayden." It is a dense, hypnotic, almost instrumental affair, filled with lysergic-infused passages and an abrasive use of rhythm. "Thr33 of Wands" gets things started with an ambient intro and some mysterious samples. It feels quite Post-Rock, with a hypnotic and almost Gothic atmosphere. It is a track quite reminiscent of Electronic Post-Rock acts like 65DAYSOFSTATIC or GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT, with just a dash of late-era MOGWAI. Jussi-Pekka Koivisto lays down some great, textured guitar work atop noisy, gritty beats.

"Emergence" flows perfectly from previous track, having a more abrasive, glitchier sound. The synthesizers have an almost 8-bit quality here. There is some nasty syncopation to the beat, before getting into a driving, trance-inducing, motorik rhythm about two minutes in. The effect-laden vocals feel like another instrument, adding to the mood. A dense, psychedelic repetitive intro throws the listener into the dark Electronica of "Justified," a song that brings "The Fragile"-era NINE INCH NAILS to mind with its moody sound exploration. This track highlights both PH’s more focused, catchy songwriting with its first half, while it gets into the atmospheric and meandering side of the band with its almost free-flowing second half.

"Uhrilahja" functions like a little atmospheric interlude, with lots of reverb-soaked synth textures and feedback, bridging "Justified" with "Sun Sets for One." Some space-y guitar lines seem to harken back to early PINK FLOYD days, with its groovy bassline and distorted drumming keeps it unmistakably modern. It is also a perfect example of the use of repetition as key to building tension. In spite of its length, the nine-minute epic "Origo" is a focused and clearly structured song. PH lays down some catchy synth-lines and echoey guitar work, some of the most memorable stuff on the record. The track goes unexpected places and ends up building into a massive danceable climax about five minutes in. Things get to a beautiful, transcendental ending, before going for a great “comedown” with Stoner-tinged "Ad Coronam".

Another interlude comes with "M47eria Prima" and its beat-driven soundscapes, leading perfectly into "Tachophona," a TOOL-esque, exotic and psychedelic experience.  The last song on "Osiris Hayden" is quite a bizarre closer, very energetic and dense, with a grand electronic Post-Rock air. Its noisy coda functions as a confusing if oddly satisfying ending. While not being anything flashy, the musicianship is more than adequate. PH is clearly a tight band devoid of unnecessary egos. No one outshines anybody else here. The production is almost flawless, fitting the mood and taking the listener into a mind-bending journey.

Overall, the sixth album by PH is quite an immersive, psychedelic experience, filled with dense arrangements and exquisite textured work. The whole album flows like one entity, making it easy to get lost in. That being said, it is not the most memorable album. Aside from a couple of tracks, it can be difficult differentiating songs at first.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Thr33 of Wands
2. Emergence
3. Justified
4. Uhrilahja
5. Sun Sets for One
6. Origo
7. Ad Coronam
8. M47eria Prima
9. Tachophona
V. Ajomo - Synth
L. Kivela - Bass
JP Koivisto - Guitar, Vocals
V. Vatanen - Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Effects
Record Label: Svart Records


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Edited 08 July 2020

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