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Phaith - Redrumorder

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 November 2011, 10:02 PM

The definition of bizarre will never end up in a single actual meaning. However, when I looked deep into the debut album of the Italian, PHAITH, I could actually scratch the term weird. “Redrumorder”, released via the band’s independent label of Drop Down Music, may turn up the heat or anger towards deep social issues, from superior to inferior, is the result of almost a decade of hard works and experimentations of Hard Rock and Metal subgenres. I perceived this album as a one true musically diverse Metal experience. It wasn’t perfect but it surely grasped my attention.

For a band that once followed 70s and 80s Hard Rock with some Metallic sways, PHAITH definitely made a progress with their will to become heavier and more into the Metal zone. After changing a few members, this band started to sound like a true classic Metal band inspired by the 80s but with a modern handle. I can describe “Redrumorder” as a ten tracked album that symbolizes a presentation of various of tastes in Metal music. Even though classic Metal al’a JUDAS PRIEST and METALLICA among others runs throughout the tracklist, PHAITH kept on exploring other Metal subgenres as Thrash, Power, Hard Rock / Glam and even bits of modern Death Metal. Those cool mixes made the songs a little lengthy but without a dull moment in them.

PHAITH mostly impressed me a lot with their ability to write easy to listen material while complexing things up in the process. Furthermore, PHAITH should hang on hard to their two guitarists that cracked my head open with decisive solos that left me speechless. Even when some of the tracks came to a point where my interest rate was lowered, the Magri brothers were able to take me back with their great licks. Beside the lead section, the rhythm area was marvelous. Such multiplicity in the riffs is hard to ignore. However, I had an issue with the lead vocals of Alessandro Manaigo. Although I did fond his vocal pattern that lays in the area of James Hetfield, his hard Italian accent caused a few occurrences that made it hard for me to understand what he was singing.

When I took the first listen to “Another Heart To Hurt”, I was amazed by how they shifted from the horrific aggression of the opener, “War Morning 2.12”, which was fine, to a sort of a Glamish kind of nature that ferried this track to an incredible rate. Maybe it is that addictive lead guitar rhythm combined with the awesome vocals that did me pleasures or the fact that it was a special kind on the entire release. “Blessed Is the Pain (Monsoon)” has got to be one of the best epic Heavy Metal songs of late. It sounded like a melodic, yet heavy power ballad followed by emotional singing and piano as a lead instrument in the later stages of it. It sounded like some of the later stuff of ICED EARTH with Matt Barlow. “Rorschach” is an awkward track and mixed traditional and modern influences along with a progressive end. This song may serve as a test, as the title suggests, but in the end it was quite accessible.

When I think about the period of ten years without releasing anything in full length, without discouraging demos and EPs of course, it has got to be pretty tense for band. However, in the case of PHAITH, maybe that time was worthwhile. In the end of the day, they released an album that comprised their past and present endeavors. “Redrumorder” is something different than most traditional releases. This band may aim towards the classical stuff but there is much in stored in them.   

4 Star Rating

1. War Morning 2.12
2. Another Heart to Hurt
3. Factory of Enemies
4. 12 Wings
5. Rorschach
6. Videodrome
7. Deep In the Human Soul
8. Blessed Is the Pain (Monsoon)
9. Death is Pornography
10. How Many Bullets 
Alessandro Manaigo- Vocals
Stefano Salvagni- Bass
Matteo Magri- Guitars
Gianluca Magri- Guitars
Record Label: Drop Down Music


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