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Phalanx Inferno - The Age of Anti-Aquarius

Phalanx Inferno
The Age of Anti-Aquarius
by Chris Hawkins at 18 January 2021, 4:03 PM

PHALANX INFERNO is a Blackened Death Metal band from the U.S. that formed just a year ago in 2019.  “The Age of Anti-Aquarius” is their debut release for Godz ov War Productions.  With just five tracks, four originals and one cover of CELTIC FROST’s “Jewel Throne,” it is a lean offering though not without its merits.

Kingdom of Praylessness” opens the album with a clear portrait of the modus operandi of PHALANX INFERNO.  Simply put, this is no frills, slightly Blackened Death Metal.  Transparency requires me to come clean, though, and admit that there seems to be little to distinguish the band from the vast legions of death across the globe.  The riffs are there, they are tight, but it is initially difficult to really uncover who this band is.

Renewed Ultra Violence” follows with its low rumble of down-tuned tremolo picking.  The atmosphere is rife with dread emphasized by the dry lung vocals, a standard for the genre.  The bass really cuts through the mix with a raging sound that flexes and growls perfectly to compliment the song’s tone.  The harmony section in the latter half of the song carries an ominous feel that casts a darkened shadow across the proceedings.  This is followed by a runaway section highlighted by a whammy-inflected solo that really ties it all together.

The production employed is sufficient in reproducing the chasms of lows and huge minor chords.  The drums particularly shine throughout as the rolls and fills are simply stunning.  Overall, it is a full sound, one that while not at the forefront of prime modern production still manages to convey the aggression, foreboding, and epic nature of the riffs.

In many ways, PHALANX INFERNO reminds me of classic INCANTATION.  Unlike McEntee and company, though, the songs are not particularly memorable on their own.  There is so very much work that is put into making an album that while this is not the most impressive debut I’ve reviewed, the effort, blood, sweat, and tears of those involved should be given credit.  While there are myriad bands I would recommend over this, a fan committed to the preservation of old school Death Metal exclusively will most likely hold this album in higher esteem.

Songwriting: 6
Originality:  5
Memorability:  5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Kingdom of Praylessness
2. Renewed Ultra Violence
3. Pride…Carnality…Enlightenment
4. Multiple Genocides
5. Jewel Throne
Lee Fisher – Drums
Tony Goyang Jr. – Guitars
Stewart George –Vocals
Record Label: Godz ov War Productions


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