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Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts Award winner

The Deviant Hearts
by Sebastien “Bass” Parent at 03 February 2016, 12:49 AM

Good day Temple, sometime you stumble on something amazing, well, I did right here. From the vocal talents of DELAIN, SENERITY and EVERON, I bring to you PHANTASMA. This band is the creation of Georg Neuhauser, who found his partner in crime in Oliver Philipps. It was his longstanding ambition to create a story-driven concept record. And since he has worked with Charlotte for the longest time, he asked her to join him to create this dynamic singing trio behind PHANTASMA.

On most of the song, the touch of Georg is clear and precise, but on some other, you can see that Charlotte had a say in it. But either way, it is perfection all the way through. The album is a good 60 minutes of awesomeness of Power Symphonic Metal.

The album starts very smooth with the song “Incomplete”. It’s either a way to say that our song or life is not complete until the end, or simply that they had more song to sing. The possible meanings are very deep.

The Deviant Hearts”, sounds very much like a SERENITY song from the get go. Energetic and a lot of beats, the marriage of Georg and Charlotte’s voice in this melody is amazing. This is quite possibly my favourite song of the album.

The following two songs are a lot smoother; “Runaway Gray” and “Try” are Charlotte’s songs. Her voice is just perfect for the slow and emotion heavy melody.

Georg steps back in more in “Enter Dreamscape”. The song is quite catchy, I have to say, this was a close second in my favourites. It is very hard to choose from this album as it is full of gems.

Miserable Me” does take the crown of the best guitar solo of the album. About the last quarter of the song is a full on display of talent by Oliver.

I’ll skip right away to “The Sound of Fear”, most of the songs were Georg is the main singer, are really energetic and powerful. This one is slower and packed full of emotions, and I have to say it hit home hard. This is probably the best ballad of the album. Followed closely by “Let it Die”, which was a perfect way to close out this perfect album by Charlotte.

This album totally bedazzled me, I am in love with the sound of their voice and powerful melody. As my first 10/10 on this website, I couldn’t have asked for more. The music was flawless, the voices were perfect, and everything about the album is just right. Thank you PHANTASMA, thank you.

5 Star Rating

1. Incomplete
2. The Deviant Hearts
3. Runaway Gray
4. Try
5. Enter Dreamscape
6. Miserable Me
7. The Lotus And The Willow
8. Crimson Course
9. Carry Me Home
10. The Sound Of Fear
11. Novaturient
12. Let It Die
Georg Neuhauser – Vocals
Oliver Philipps – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Charlotte Wessels – Vocals
Record Label: Napalm Records


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