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Pharaoh - The Longest Night (CD)

The Longest Night
by Grigoris Chronis at 28 May 2006, 11:30 PM

No, in this case Pharaoh doesn't have that much to do with the supremacy of ancient Egypt or the mystique of the Kingdom of the Nile. Expanding, it eventually has nothing to do with either Death Metal agents Nile's musical approach. To put it straight forward, The Longest Night even stays far away from any likeness Mercyful Fate's Curse Of The Pharaohs 1983 classic cut could  - hypothetically speakin' - bring to mind. Last but not least: this kind of 'Pharaoh' is strongly - in terms of musical style - related to a legendary Metal band's 'cover artwork' ruler, 20+ years ago. Tell me why I have to be a…
Tim Aymar is known for his contribution to both Control Denied (mainly) and Psycho Scream (on second basis). Still, he was not the one to give birth to Pharaoh. This action belongs to drummer Chris Black, bassist Chris Kerns and axeman Matt Johnsen. Forming the band in 1997, the three-piece employed Aymar to handle the vocal duties and now it was time to roll the dice! 2003's After The Fire debut is not an album I had the chance to hear; I remember, though, raving reviews by several printed/online Media. Described (the band) as a U.S. 'version' of the 'golden' 80's Iron Maiden period, Pharaoh tested the first 'doze' of success and went straight on to songwriting for an even better 'sequel'.
Well, it's 2006 and The Longest Night is here. The promo copy has an interesting back cover band photo with all members wearing Metal t-shirts (W.A.S.P., Slayer, Thin Lizzy, Voivod). I admit this was the main cause for my choice to review this specific CD. To the 'core': Pharaoh's music - it's true - owes a lot to the 'principals' of Heavy Metal music. Just take out the 'air' of Iron Maiden's 1982-1988 albums, 'attach' Aymar's powerful voice and cry out for your demand for Heavy Metal, the American Way (dream on…). Achtung: no authenticity, no 'free artistic spirit', nothing 'intelligent', no 'revolutionary' lyrical themes. Just true passion for Heavy Metal music.
OHM/ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland guests on the album's opening track, Sunrise (too 'primitive' for him, but ok) while other interesting tunes include By The Night, Fighting and Up The Gates. The fans of the 80's 'Maiden mania' (who are still looking for this kinda sound) will have a very good time listening to The Longest Night. Fans of bands like e.g. Twisted Tower Dire will love this one. Produced by Matt Crooks (Twisted Tower Dire) and Pharaoh guitarist Matt Johnsen, this album speaks to the hearts of those who already know. It's a good company. Recommended for the faithful.

3 Star Rating

I am The Hammer
In The Violet Fire
By The Night Sky
The Longest Night
Like A Ghost
Up The Gates
Never Run
Tim Aymar - Vocals
Chris Black - Drums
Mat Johnsen - Guitars
Chris Kerns - Bass
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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