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Pharmacist - Carnal Pollution

Carnal Pollution
by Justin Joseph at 11 January 2022, 9:23 PM

There exists a proverb that says, "the dead cannot reveal any secrets", but where PHARMACIST's "Carnal Pollution" is concerned, I would like to believe the album refutes that saying, for within its very essence lays evident of a decaying cadaver dehydrated of all bodily fluids, where the stages and aroma of decomposition has been transmuted into that of sound…the result? A succinct EP, where each track reeks of putrefaction, but when stitched together, the anatomy of such dispels a graveolent stench so potent, it engulfs the listener in a visceral aura. For it is as though you can taste the rotting flesh and feel the incisions that once pooled with blood.

The beauty of this EP graces itself with the atmosphere that is constructed courtesy of the production, for some, this may dissuade them from fully absorbing the rancor that is expelled, but I urge the listener to think not that high quality production renders forth an album of meritorious value. For even though a butcher's knife whose blade may not be whetted by the stone, does not mean the flesh cannot be pierced, it only requires more strength to be applied to sever bone from flesh. Such can also be applied to "Carnal Pollution", as its crude and unrefined demeanor serves not to dull the sound but instead accentuates the feeling of malaise where each track festers in a purulent manner.

Songs such as "Disintegration" and "Oral Consuming" demonstrates the charm of the production where the dried out sound magnifies the strings and percussions expelling a raw-like ambience to its discordance, and in my opinion, it is the configuration of these elements that erects an abattoir for this cacophony to take shape. The variations in which the guitars and drums take also gives much viscosity to the EP's dissonance, for the musical architecture gives the illusion as though a sonnet was carved into flesh from a vacuous mind, where each incision and laceration is inflicted by hands controlled by the most carnal desires. From my listening experience, it is these moments with the combination of the drums and guitars that offer that sordid stench upon "Carnal Pollution".

If the musical represents a body that once held life, where it's parts are in ruins and its remains anatomized, the vocals would be the one who fashions such creation made from gristle and carrion. The very delivery of the vocals feels as though they emanate from a figure that lusts for carnage, for instance, "Carnal Pollution", a song in which the vocals become the dominant force, where the register used feels unhinged, ravenous as though the hunger for rancid flesh becomes vocalized.

PHARMACIST has crafted an EP that demonstrates that one needs not the sharpest blade to produce a choice cut selection, for even the blunt iron can cleave the skull of a man, in other words, "Carnal Pollution" is a testament that showcases that vehement aggression once wielded skillfully can forge a work of art even if sculpted from flesh and bones.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Disintegration
2. Carnal Pollution
3. Obsequial Orchestration
4. Oral Consuming
Pharmacist – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Therapeutist – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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