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Phase - The Wait

The Wait
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 19 September 2014, 9:40 PM

PHASE is an Alternative, Progressive Punk Rock band from Newcastle, UK.  From their webpage, “PHASE released their earnest effort “The Wait” in 2014, and it features their signature insightful lyrics that are describing the human condition and the social reality in their own unique, dark ironic way, and all that is complimented by a brilliant work of art on their cover created by the artistic genius Alexis Marcou.  Turn off your mind and relax, tripping among PHASE’s frequencies…” The album contains ten tracks.  “Magical Thinking” leads off the album.  It has a despondent tone and rhythm, delivered in an electronica format, almost sounding like the reincarnated ghost of THE DOORS.  It segues into the next track, called “Reintroduction.”  The electronica sound still dominates the landscape here, as dissonant guitars screech overtop.  “Point of You” sees the heavy synth based approach continue, along with the downtrodden feeling of a band like THE CURE.  In Punk style, the vocals are often a bit off key, intentionally.  “Sowing Scorn” is a bit swifter but perhaps more eerie and disconnected as well.  Here is where you pick up more Punk elements to the band.  However, it favors the deeper and darker side of the genre, rather than the upbeat, feel good kind of anthems.  “Amethyst” is the first track done in a bit of a higher key, but with the same resulting feeling of dread.

“Remnants (Of a Former Worry)” begins with a gentle acoustic opening, and perhaps the most traditional song structure heard on the album.  The stringed instruments make a stronger presence as well.  I can feel more raw emotion here in this song and it pleasing.  “Wake Up Call” has a thicker tone and more decided Rock guitar sound to it.  I can’t help the SMASHING PUMPKINS influence I sometimes pick up on here and there as well.  “Reprise” comes at you with an almost circus music element, complete with accordion, tambourine, and other various instruments.  “Homeseek Dark Blues” has a metallic tinge and a creepy tone of sorts, as if someone is stalking you.  The longest song on the album, it also might be the best.  Closing the album is the track “Birthday Song.”  The familiar “Happy Birthday” is sung in the opening, sounding as if it is coming from a demented robot.  It has a gentle sway, and the vocals echo tightly in constraints.  I enjoy the piano melody in this track as well.   In summary, this is some fairly unique music and I get that, but I wasn’t able to garner too many memorable moments from the album as a whole.  The overall quality of dread and despondence is noted but it didn’t sell me strong enough.

3 Star Rating

1. Magical Thinking
2. Reintroduction
3. Point of You
4. Sowing Scorn
5. Amethyst
6. Remnants (Of a Former Worry)
7. Wake Up Call
8. Reprise
9. Homeseek Dark Blues
10. Birthday Song
Thanos Grigoriou - Spoken Poetry, a variety of Stringed Instruments, Percussion
Damianos Harharidis - Bass, Synths
Vasillis Liapsis - Guitar, Piano
Marios Papakostas - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Insight Out Records


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