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Phased - Aeon

by Johnny Jackal at 17 February 2016, 1:59 PM

This is the fifth full-length release from the boys from Basel, Switzerland. They are an Experimental Doom Metal band and they bring a lot of old school goodness to the, sometimes dull, genre.

If you like the revival of the mid 2000’s with bands like HIGH ON FIRE (even though they released albums before that), UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS and ORCHID, you will enjoy this opus.

The first song is ‘’Seeds of Misery’’ and is the first single off the album. The song begins with a BLACK SABBATH-esque solo and it’s quite groovy. The vocals are a little rougher than I would normally like but the music reminded me a lot of the last EP from ORCHID. This was a great way to start the album.

The second song is ‘’Burning Paradigm’’ and it’s the slowest song off the album. The guitars are drawn out and it’s slow and methodical. The vocals are not the strong point on this song because they are mainly like backing vocals. Sometimes they are barely audible throughout the song. It’s a nice change of pace from the groovy opener.

The third song is ‘’Eternal Sleep’’ and reminds me (no pun intended) of really early SLEEP material. It’s slow but it has edginess. The vocals are really distorted and you can’t understand most of the lyrics, unfortunately. This is one of my favourite tracks off of this release.

The fourth song is ‘’Into Her Gravity Well’’. This song could have fit well on a Horror Film soundtrack. It’s slow and it has creepiness about it like any good old horror film. The vocals are also in the background and are barely audible like on the second song of this album.

The fifth song is ‘’(Return of the) Son of the Sun’’ and its main riff is a rip-off of the song ‘’Black Sabbath’’ by the godfathers of Metal. It’s obvious from the beginning that they basically stole the riff and made it their own. There are a lot more sound effects and distortion and the vocals than any other song off the album. The song reminds me a lot of some of the great stuff from UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS.

The sixth song is ‘’Etched’’. This is the longest song of the album and there is a plethora of guitar solos with a lot of distortion. I felt this song fell flat with the lack of vocals. It might be the longest song of the album, but it would have helped to have more vocals and more presence throughout. I felt the song was also quite repetitive musically.

The last song of the album is ‘’The Atavistic’’, and it’s pretty groovy. It’s not as groovy as the opener but it definitely has that BLACK SABBATH vibe. It reminded me of two of their classics: ‘’Hand of Doom’’ and ‘’Electric Funeral’’. It’s slow but really rhythmic. This is my favourite track of this really pleasant album.

I recommended this album to the fans of the revival of the genre and fans of old school SLEEP. A pleasant surprise for the New Year!

4 Star Rating

1. Seed of Misery
2. Burning Paradigm
3. Eternal Sleep
4. Into Her Gravity Well
5. (Return of The) Son of the Sun
6. Etched
7. The Atavistic
Chris Sigdell - Vocals, Guitar
Marko Lehtinen - Drums
Florian Schönmann - Guitar
Harald Binder - Bass
Record Label: Czar Of Bullets


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