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Phenomena - Blind Faith

Blind Faith
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 September 2010, 9:09 PM

The PHENOMENA series, being an ambitious project in it early development in the 80s, saw two parts created back then with two other sequels in the following respective decades. The mastermind behind this effort, Tom Galley, is in charge of the concepts all this years with a superstars parade filling in from 1984 till…now. Let’s also say the PHENOMENA first couple of discs (“Phenomena I” in 1985 and “Phenomena II: Dream Runner” in 1987) scored grand success in the mid-80s with the “Did It All For Love” single being placed in Top-10 charts worldwide. In 2010, “Blind Faith” stands as the fifth episode and now you can witness big names such as Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH), Robin Beck, Steve Overland (FM), Terry Brock (STRANGEWAYS, GIANT), Rob Moratti & Ian Crichton (SAGA) and Ralf Scheepers & Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR) stepping in to contribute to this new PHENOMENA work.

If you give an approval for what British melodic/hard Rock smells like, then PHENOMENA shall not disappoint you (to say the least). The music is atmospheric, the tempos are held in mid or slow speeds (omitting “Fighting”’s mania) and the vocal harmonies are melodic and with symptoms of melancholic emotions. I do not know if Galley first chooses the voices and the builds the songs around them or vice versa (this would probably be a good question for an interview…) but the overall result justifies his choices. I can recall having big names such as Glenn Hughes (TRAPEZE, DEEP PURPLE), Cozy Powell (BLACK SABBATH, Gary Moore, MSG, WHITESNAKE, RAINBOW), Mel Galley (WHITESNAKE, TRAPEZE – passed away in 2008…) building up the first album’s lineup, with Ray Gillen (BADLANDS, BLACK SABBATH), John Wetton (ASIA) and Scott Gorham (THIN LIZZY) adding force to the 1987 sequel, and even if seasons have changed the aura and height of creativity in “Blind Faith” shows an equal level of dignity and artistic coherence in the mind of Tom Galley. All songs flow easily, the order in the tracklist is ideal with emotions crossing selves throughout 45 minutes of British emotional Hard Rock but sadly there isn’t a dynamite song featured in here (“Blind Faith” or “Don’t Ever Give Your Heart Away”, maybe?) capable of grabbing the whole track listing and pushing the album up to totally feed the fan’s hunger.

“Blind Faith” is an inventive Rock release. Needless to say, of you’re already in possession of the previous PHENOMENA releases there’s nothing in here that will spoil your anticipation. Also, the guest appearances plus Tom Galley’s musical vision also stands as a stamp of approval in “Blind Faith”. What remains is to see if such ambitious efforts can still make the difference; and the production – by Tom himself – is as vintage as needed.

3 Star Rating

  1. The Sky Is Falling (w/Mike DeMeo & Stefan Lindholm)
  2. Blind Faith (w/ Rob Moratti & Ian Crichton)
  3. Fighting (w/ Ralf Scheepers & Mat Sinner)
  4. Liar (w/ Tony Martin & Stefan Lindholm)
  5. I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight (w/ Robin Beck)
  6. Angels Don’t Cry (w/ Mikael Erlandsson)
  7. If You Love Her (w/ Chris Ousey & Tommy Denander)
  8. House Of Love (w/ Rob Moratti)
  9. Don’t Ever Give Your Heart Away (w/ Steve Overland)
  10. One More Chance (w/ Terry Brock & Steve Newman)
Martin Kronlund - Guitars, Bass
Jim Kirkpatrick - Guitars
Imre Daun - Drums, Percussion
Dan Helgesen - Keyboards, Hammond
Henrik Thomsen - Bass
Record Label: Escape Music


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