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PHI – Now The Waves Of Sound Remain Award winner

Now The Waves Of Sound Remain
by Jessica Pearman at 26 November 2014, 10:57 AM

PHI, the Austrian Post Progressive Rock band, has had two incarnations as member shifts and creative differences caused a two year hiatus between 2008 and 2010. The first incarnation was from 2006-2008 and this gained PHI many connections and a high reputation among fans and those in the entertainment field. In their first years, the band was compared to the likes of PINK FLOYD, GENESIS, and YES. The second incarnation began in 2010 when the remaining members decided to rethink the direction the band was in. Fast forward through more lineup changes, trial and error phases, and a re-release, PHI released their third full length album “Now the Waves of Sound Remain” in October 2014. “Now the Waves of Sound Remain” comes in at nine tracks and a listening time of 47 minutes.

Track one “Buy Your Piece of Love” starts off slow and low, but the Rock progressed through slowly. The music is extremely mellow.  It is something to listen to when chilling out. It’s not a head banger, but lives up to some of the comparisons that were made about them. There is a progressive push in the music. The bass is pronounced in this track, making it appealing. The guitars and drums are artistic and nicely done as well. The track almost makes me think of some 3-11 mixed with PINK FLOYD and CYNIC. It’s a very different, yet creative endeavor.

Welcome Tomorrow”, track two, has a great bass intro along with the guitar solo that bursts for just a moment, but more so, the vocals in this track are not so one toned. He creates variations in his voice and they create beautiful variations in their musical content. The change in music is perfect for what the lyrical content suggests. Lyrically, this is my favorite track on the album, because it’s nice to hear a song that creates such realness in today’s world; not todays and only welcoming tomorrow.

Track three “Tune In Zoned Out” is a bit harder than Progressive Rock, but you can still hear their sound even with a heavy bass track. Bass lovers will enjoy this track without losing out on PHI’s sound. The melody is full of energy that feels draining. It’s a wonderful track and the transition into “Maybe Sometime Else Then” is by far one of the best transitions this year. “Maybe Sometime Else Then” is a slow, soft, heart wrenching track. The keys are so prominent and really advance the sound on this track. The drums are phenomenal. Mid-way through the track, the guitar’s solo is perfect. “Maybe Sometime Else Then” is written, performed, and produced perfectly.

The Liquid Hourglass” is my overall favorite track on the album.  Coming in at only two minutes and thirty-seven seconds, it’s a short listen, but a very worthy listen. This is Post Progressive Rock at its finest.

The title track “Now The Waves Of Sound Remain” is also the longest track at almost ten and half minutes. It is a glorious song of classic guitar riffs and persuasive rhythm. It is easy to allow one’s self to be carried away with this track.

Now The Waves Of Sound Remain” is a remarkable album. There aren’t many times you get a male, clean vocalist from Austria. The vocals are completely unique to the genre making them interesting and compelling. The musicianship between the trio is commensurable. They play like they have been at it for years. This is some pretty irresistible music. The album deserves love, especially if you love the Rock genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Buy Your Piece of Love
2. Welcome Tomorrow
3. Tune in Zone Out
4. Maybe Sometime Else Then
5. Revolution By Design
6. Behind A Veil of Snow
7. The Liquid Hourglass
8. Now the Waves of Sound Remain
9. The Last Favour
Markus Bratusa – Guitar and Vocals
Arthur Darnhofer-Demar – Bass
Gabe Cresnar – Drums
Record Label: Gentle Art Of Music


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