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Phlebotomized - Devoted To God / Preach Eternal Gospels

Devoted To God / Preach Eternal Gospels
by Daniel Silva at 17 June 2013, 3:33 PM

The dictionary defines phlebotomy as “to draw blood from” and “to achieve iron overload reduction by repeated removal of blood, as in hemochromatosis”. According to Wikipedia, phlebotomy is the process of making an incision in a vein, it is associated with venipuncture, the practice of collecting venous blood samples, and bloodletting, the ancient medical practice. But in our case PHLEBOTOMIZED is a Dutch Heavy Metal band formed in 1990, having released two full-length albums and several EPs and demos, they are now releasing this compilation album comprised of songs from their demo "Devoted to God" and their EP "Preach Eternal Gospel" together with three live songs.

What to say of this album? Well, this band plays Avant-Garde Metal, so right there you have an idea of what they are all about: long songs, usually with acoustic parts, with low vocals, you know for a genre that prides itself in being at the forefront of new techniques and concepts, avant-garde bands are all alike… but anyway back to review, I was actually surprised when I listened to this record, I was expecting it to be the same painful experience I had when listening to similar bands, but I actually felt engrossed with its songs and the experience it was trying to convey, in special the two instrumentals “Ataraxia” and “In Memory of Our Departured Ones”.

I am going to do something I never thought I would; I actually recommend this album to anyone that would like to re-acquaint himself with this obscure band.

3 Star Rating

1. In Search of Tranquility / Subtle Disbalanced Liquidity
2. Desecration of Alleged Christian History
3. Fate of a Devotee / Devoted to God
4. Tragic Entanglement
5. Ataraxia
6. In Memory of Our Departured Ones
7. Mustardgas
8. Preach Eternal Gospels
9. Tragic (Live)
10. Subtle (Live)
11. Desecration (Live)
Tom Palms - Guitars
Jordy Middelbosch-  Guitars
Ivar Vennekens - Bass
Maarten Post - Violin
Lawrence Payne - Drums
Record Label: Vic Records


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