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Piah Mater - The Wandering Daughter Award winner

Piah Mater
The Wandering Daughter
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 November 2018, 7:41 AM

The Brazilian Metal scene is really amazing sometimes, breeding bands from any Metal genre you can think of. But there’s something about Metal here that many can feel: it’s the ample musical range that every Brazilian citizen has as a background, what allows the bands to be creative in a way that can amaze many fans. And the Rio de Janeiro home based trio PIAH MATER shows it clearly on their second album, “The Wandering Daughter”.

It’s a melodic and deeper Melodic Death/Black Metal with influences from extreme Progressive Metal genres. It is really different, done with many moments with clean vocals (but of course the greater part is from voices using harsh tunes), some clean and introspective moments, and the experimental aspects can be heard as well. It’s like a fusion of “old” ARCTURUS, DEATH and RUSH, some influences from Jazz music and even touches from the Brazilian musical genre called “chorinho”. It’s an eclectic Death/Black Metal way, so be prepared.

The album was produced and mixed by the trio, and the mastering was done by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden). And the sound quality is amazing, clear, aggressive and heavy as it must be for such form of music. It was done in a way that we can understand clearly what they are doing, but evading the rawness many bands love to put (what was a great thing for their music). And all can see on the album’s cover a fine artwork from Sylfvr (a French artist).

The album has six long songs, but the time passes in a way that seems to be seconds, because all the songs of “The Wandering Daughter” aren’t boring. But the rhythmic changes and diversity of elements (from harsh aggressive moments to some where clean ones where introspection reigns) of “Solace in Oblivion”, the Progressive/Jazz/Chorinho touches shown on the technical songs called “Sprung From Weakness” (excellent changes of vocals tunes), and the extreme Progressive voyages of “Earthbound Ruins” (this one bears excellent clean vocals and bass guitars work) and “The Meek’s Inheritance” (where guitars and drums are showing excellent technical work) can be named as their finest shots.

It’s just their second album, so we can expect great things from PIAH MATER.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hyster
2. Solace in Oblivion
3. Sprung From Weakness
4. The Sky is Our Shelter
5. Earthbound Ruins
6. The Meek’s Inheritance
Luiz Felipe Netto - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming
Igor Meira - Guitars
Kalki Avatara - Drums
Record Label: Code 666


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