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Picture Ann – The Darkness Had Texture

Picture Ann
The Darkness Had Texture
by Mike Coyle at 07 June 2015, 7:00 PM

Today I have something which hopes to impress those who are fans of one person constructions of music and technique, today we have what could or could not be a jewel in the rough, but that ladies and gentlemen is for you all to decide for yourselves. Even still it is always fun to find these types of projects which really surface as something.

“You Paint Your Chains” the start off this track is very mellow and I would say also very soulful, in a lot of ways the tones are very pleasant to the ear which allow for the listener to sit back and take in what is coming through them, I would say that this also holds some very dark yet very deep emotions that are mixing together to crete what it is we are hearing before us and as such you can feel every note taking effect. To some they would only hear the same thing being repeated over and over again, but there are points in this song here it changes in a slow but very noticeable way I would say, I feel this holds the song­-writers moods and emotions in portions of each second.

“The Darkness Had Texture”  Compared to the previous song we have a drum beat working the opening of this song mixed with distorted guitars and sound effects, almost like experiencing a hawk-wind vibe in the comfort of your own home, but I have to say that this is some very far out stuff, it seems like every part of this song seems to create an even flow and an effect of sound and structure to which takes the listener on an almost vibrant mission to the very depths of the subconscious mixing together colors of sounds and ideas that fly by at the blink of an eye. I want this room in Pieces. Very similar to the first track we start with some mellow moments mixed with a gentle beat of drums and bass in the distance creating an atmospheric moment of life and illusion for the ears to experience all together in a combination of silence and meditation to which really suit out what this song has going for it, each second is like a different fly by fly moment where you can take part in the texture of sound waves being played for you.

“Closed Off Entirely (The Segue)” this song starts off with a very Pink Floyd meets Frank Zappa moment for me, in fact so far this entire record has been like this for me but only until this song came round did I really start to notice it, it is as if the sounds and the ideas that are placed within this track are scrambled together in a vortex o its own form, I would say that the tone we have here are some that would really freak some out but really excite others s it has something about it that makes everything come together and relax in a settled sound structure.

"You Used The Word Like A Curse", we come to the records final track to where we are  welcomed by silence and sound bound together in a chiming of sounds and silence, as it continues we hear the banging of drums and the strum of a guitar mixed with keys creating a balance of tones to which end the record well as it silences out the madness and brings in the waking state of hat this journey has been as if waking from a dream, the song continues on as far as it can playing the similar sounds and ideas to which make what we are hearing at the time and moment.

To conclude, it's been real guys would be the proper way of ending this phrase, a mixture of sounds and creativity this is what we have right here folks and what a mixture folks.

4 Star Rating

1. You Paint Your Chains
2. The Darkness Had Texture
3. I Want This Room In Pieces
4. Closed Off Entirely (The Segue)
5. You Used The Word Like A Curse
J.N. - ­ All
Record Label: Floodgate Moods Productions


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