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Pig Destroyer - Mass & Volume Award winner

Pig Destroyer
Mass & Volume
by Michael Coyle at 19 November 2014, 9:03 PM

So we start the E.P. off with the title track Mass & Volume. So to start this is a very interesting track, it is a very vibrant piece, which is reverb played in different ways. There are points to this track which are very nerving if I may be honest as if the song is intended to play with the listeners mind, it does sound like the kind of track that leads on to something bigger and much more aggressive. After three minutes of the track being played, we start to hear guitar and drums being played as the sound continues to go on creating this massive wall of sound that echoes through the feedback, the track itself is pretty much an extension of what is yet to come but as well I feel this song has a very Doom like vibe as it does have that kind of intense feel and mind bending flow which a lot of Doom bands have when it comes to a build up, and yes it does actually sound like a massive build up which is pretty fucking awesome to be honest. To conclude this is a really trippy piece of music if ever there was one, it acts as a build up which keeps going and going, the only way I can describe it is a deep trip into ones own subconciousness.

Next up we have the second and last track Red Tar. Compared to the previous song this one starts off heavy and grooved with some roughness to it, the track follows the classic formula that Pig Destroyer are well known for, as it shows off the force of singer Jr Hayes’ aggression and the meaning behind this bands extremity. Through the entire song we can see how the band have matured as a band and how they have created a style of Grind that they can call their own, I feel that this could very well be some of Pig Destroyer’s best work to date as it holds us in one place and takes us to another through both tracks “Mass and Volume” and “Red Tar”, we see that with the first track there is this incredible build up which then leads us into the next and I think that really makes for some incredible music as it holds us until we need to let it all out and that is that is what this E.P. does and much much more I think.

So to conclude I think that “Mass & Volume” is one of the most aggressive pieces I have heard in a very long time, it speaks for itself on that note and I think the fans will agree. So all in all this is truly an E.P. that makes it's mark on the world of extreme music.

5 Star Rating

1. Mass & Volume
2. Red Tar
Jr Hayes - Vocals
Scott Hull - Guitars
Adam Fucking Jarvis - Drums
Blake Harrison - Pan Flute, Shuttlecock
John Fucking Jarvis - Bass
Record Label: Relapse Records


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