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PIG - Risen Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 29 June 2018, 4:33 AM

Since I was introduced to Electronic Rock genres in the 90’s, I became a fan, and the musical possibilities were infinite for those who dare to walk on these paths. But you must have in mind that it can be a trail for many, because melding Metal, Rock, Gothic Rock and electronic/Industrial influences together is not an easy task. But the English act <PIG> shows a very good work in this way on their latest release, “Risen”.

Melodramatic, dense, somber, but seductive and sharp, “Risen” shows some complex elements behind their songs that bears simple melodic lines. For another way to describe their musical genre, we could say that is when the experimental megalomaniac vision that guided Andrew Eldritch on THE SISTERS OF MERCY’s “Floodland” and “Vision Thing” collides and fuses with Industrial Rock elements from earlier MINISTRY’s albums with the chaotic feeling that permeates NIN and OOMPH!’s music. Yes, it’s not easy to describe, but easy to be loved. The musical production of the album was done in a way that focuses its efforts on their Industrial Rock side, so we can have an electronic approach, but when the guitars, bass guitar and drums becomes evident, the weight is really oppressive. But it is sounding clear in the right proportions, so be prepared.

All songs are great, but the deeper and introspective parts of “The Chosen Few”, the chaotic Industrial/Goth Rock elements of “Morphine Machine”, the excellent guitars tempering the electronic atmosphere of “The Revelation (Misinterpretation Mix)”, the Gothic Rock aesthetics mixed with melancholic melodies on “Truth is Sin” and on “Leather Pig”, the Industrial charming hypnotic rhythm of “The Cult of Chaos”, and the programming and keyboards parts of “Prey & Obey (Disobey Mix)” are the finest moments of the album. I’ll speak frankly: if you’re a diehard Metalhead, keep away from the album. “Risen” demands an open mind to be understood. But if you’re free of mental limits and radical conceptions, <PIG> will hypnotize you for sure!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Chosen Few
2. Morphine Machine
3. Loud Lawless & Lost
4. The Revelation (Misinterpretation Mix)
5. Truth is Sin
6. The Vice Girls
7. Rise & Repent (Descent Mix)
8. Leather Pig
9. When I’m Done
10. The Cult of Chaos
11. The Hangman’s Wooing
12. Prey & Obey (Disobey Mix)
13. Hard Machine (Lard Machine Mix)
14. Ecstacy & Exorcism (Excoriation Variaton Mix)
Raymond Watts - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
En Esch - Guitars, Programming
Guenter Schulz - Guitars
Z. Marr - Electronics, Keyboards, Percussion
Galen Waling - Drums
Record Label: Metropolis Records


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