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Pigeon Lake - Tales Of A Madman Award winner

Pigeon Lake
Tales Of A Madman
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 July 2014, 6:48 AM

Ok, sometimes strange sounds can astonish many, but Old Big Daddy here prefers to have some patience and hear an difficult album many times to speak/write something after a good cup of coffee or Coke and a cigarette in his hands. But even so, sometimes there are bands that make my skin crawl of pure surprise, and Norwegian PIGEON LAKE is a very good surprise coming from those lands, as “Tales of a Madman” is a fine piece of art.

Their music can be described as a Hard Rock/Dream Rock orientated one, with some aggressive harsh voices here and there in the middle of ethereal and good music, with great clean vocals, strong and organic guitar riffs and good solos, a very simple and humble bass and drums rhythmic basis, but they use a more experimental approach, so you must be prepared for some changes here and there, besides the ethereal atmosphere does not change during the whole album, even when the songs became oppressive and more heavier. It’s like a meeting with MASTODON, ALICE IN CHAINS and HAWKWIND occurs in front of our eyes and ears.

The sound production is extremely clear, in a way you can hear all the musical arrangements and details with no problem, keeping the band’s musical work intact and charming all the time.

As I said, it’s not a very easy album to hear and digest, but if you’re a open mind fan and have patience, maybe you can find on their musical work what you’re looking for.

Their finest moments: the long and dreaming “Epiphany” (with distorted riffs and good vocals), the more aggressive and melodic “Confrontation” (where some harsh voices appear), the introspective “Doubt”, and “Absolution pt. 2”.

When you get used, this is a very lovely album!

4 Star Rating

1. Event Horizon
2. Epiphany
3. Confrontation
4. Doubt
5. Vengeance
6. Discrepency
7. Absolution pt.1
8. Absolution pt. 2
Christopher Schackt – Vocals, Guitar
Magnus Engemoen – Lead Guitar
Anders Børresen – Bass
Andreas Prestby – Drums 
Record Label: Independent


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