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Pigeon Toe - The First Perception Award winner

Pigeon Toe
The First Perception
by Angela “MetalDancer” Van Der Kreeft at 12 April 2012, 3:42 PM

This ‘side project’ was the idea of the brothers Hansonand Marsn that they already have up and running since 2008. After giving their (former) bands a listen, I understood why the idea’s born under the name ‘side project’. PIGEON TOE with theirdebutalbum, “First Perception”, released through Lifeforce Records, has a complete different style and sound that does fit the inside the area of Experimental Progressive Metal with a Rock edge. No rude or brutal power, but power due the combination of different styles and energy.

My first perception, back when I first heard the album “First Perception”,didn’t come even close to my second opinion after listening to the album a couple of times. A great sign, simply because it means that this album can handle spinning in repeat very well. It’s an album that contains several dimensions that can be listened to in ways that are suiting the moment of the day. It has a room to think about reality, but it has also room to just listen and not think at all. The different music styles that sounded chaotic at first made just perfect sense after a couple of spins and added to the power of the songs in a Heavy Metal way with a room to speak your mind, even if it’s not understood or appreciated right away.

“First Perception” does start a bit nervous in an urgent melancholy sphere, builds up inside power that’s holding the kind of energy one can get after finding out the truth about something or someone and ends with a solid mix of styles inside a way out, with a space for more. The band does play with experience and complexity, but is also easy to listen to, simply because there’s so much to hear that’s confirming the feelings that are involved.

The band did touch hesitation, but the very easy to follow voices were also able to draw in soon enough, turning that what sounded hesitating into a breaking rhythm adding to the total picture. The way the singers are inside the music lines as one and as individuals gave the songs an extra sincere sound, transforming from slow burning into a passion to ask questions and find some answers, next to the regrets already seen. However, PIGEON TOE’s certainly not just about voices. The music talks in various rhythms and styles and the album even contains instrumental pieces that do speak for themselves.

My first perception rated “First Perception” as7/10, but after a couple of spins it did almost magically grow into…….

4 Star Rating

1. The First Perception
2. The Chase
3. Sneak
4. The Cave
5. The Man With The Cat
6. A Broken Man
7. Second Try
8. The Crooked Path
9. The Wizard pt.1
10. The Wizard pt.2
11. The Flashback
Norman Lonhard - Drums
Ben Krahl – Bass / Vocals
Marsn – Guitar / Vocals
Hanson – Guitar / Vocals
Patrick Hagmann – Guitar / Synths 
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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