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Pile of Excrements - Escatology

Pile of Excrements
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 22 December 2017, 10:31 AM

There are occasions when we don’t know how to face a band: as something comic or something really serious. I say that because I can’t say that someone could face bands as PUNGENT STENCH, MACABRE and others from the same in a serious way. Then, as many writers before me, I’ll face the work from the Greek trio PILE OF EXCREMENTS merely by their musical work. Let me tell you: they have guts!

It’s an Old School form to play Death/Thrash Metal that they arranged in a form that is really very good. The band evades the use of extremely fast tempos, just playing in the needed speed, but always heavy and brutal. Of course, they show a good and violent personality, what makes their music sounds very good, besides it’s nothing new at all. The sound quality is what you could expect from a band from this musical genre on Metal: raw, but done in a way that we can understand what they are playing. The rawness is that one that their songs need, that same amount that bands from extreme Metal genres must show. But don’t be worried: it’s raw and brutal, but always clear and heavy.

When the album starts to play, you better take your parents out of the room, because it’s a storm of insane guitars, bone crushing rhythmic basis and nasty guttural grunts. Be prepared, because the musical torture is really good. Songs as the brutal “Bowel Rampage” with its insane vocals, the trauma caused by the brutality of “Miasma Cuming Embalming Fluids” (very good rhythmic work on these tempos changes), the Hardcore/Grindcore essence of “Made in Chernobyl”, the sickening Thrash Metal stench that permeates the furious “Hooker with a Hook”, the pile driver rhythm of “Leper Orgy”, the vicious slow marching funeral called “Escatology”, the pogo dancing guitars of “Silent but Deadly”, the Death Metal grunts that torments the ears of “Yellow Front, Brown Back”, the brutal and filled with excellent rhythmic changes nasty stab “Cult of the Unibrow”, the aggressive and nasty riffs of the sickening hymn called “Buttfucked by Giant Cockroach”, and the excellent “Human Compost”.

Nothing new at all, but in their case, it’s very good as it is, addicting and truly vicious!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bowel Rampage
2. Miasma Cuming Embalming Fluids
3. Made in Chernobyl
4. Hooker with a Hook
5. Graveyard Delicatessen
6. Leper Orgy
7. Escatology
8. Silent but Deadly
9. Yellow Front, Brown Back
10. Minestrone
11. Cult of the Unibrow
12. Skourkos the Polluter
13. Buttfucked by Giant Cockroach
14. Human Compost
15. Tourette Aggressor
Necropervert - Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Pungent Hemorrhoid - Lead Guitars
Shit Eater - Drums
Record Label: Memento Mori Records


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