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Pile Of Priests – Pile Of Priests Award winner

Pile Of Priests
Pile Of Priests
by Joseph Hausmann at 30 May 2020, 4:33 PM

Progressive Death Metal outfit PILE OF PRIESTS, have released their debut album "Pile Of Priests" on May 22nd, 2020. This savage group brings a fire and intensity that is only matched by the fires of Hell. Originating out of Denver, Colorado, this band is quickly developing a name for themselves with their aggressive instrumentals and overwhelming powerful vocals. Not only is the band firmly rooted in Death Metal, they diversify their sound with various elements.

"Intro" gives us some of the more refined elements of PILE OF PRIESTS. The entire track is a dark melancholy piano solo that sets the stage for the darkness that follows in the rest of the album. It does have some beautiful points in it that are shrouded in darkness. "The Aversion" punches you right in the face with the band’s aggressive instrumentals and vocals. The guitars are bludgeoning. The bass is tuned so low that you have to really listen for it but it adds the feeling of being in the abyss. The vocals are savage and powerful, giving the track more added weight. "Death Of A Paragon" drives us into the more Progressive side of PILE OF PRIESTS. The track begins with a clean melancholy guitar riff that gives way to a dark voice explaining the vicious scene of a person being burned at the stake. The lyrical side of this band is not for the faint of heart and really describes the evil in this song. There are multiple time changes in this track making the path of the song unpredictable. That versatility makes it very intriguing.

"Conjunction Of Souls" is a brutal bombardment of instrumentals. The groove elements used in the riffs add more depth and layers to the album. The vocals change ranges in this track up to a higher register adding a more vicious side of the band. The drum work really shines with the different changes in styles. The guitar solo adds another great layer to be heard. "Deus Delenda Est" adds a deeper complexity with the changing guitar riffs throughout the track. The vocals are back to that bludgeoning depth which give the track a sinister sound. The conversational tone later on gives this song a more medieval feel. Almost like a trip back to the dark ages. "The Restitution" is the longest track on the album clocking in at over eight minutes. The song also features an angelic but sad melody from a female vocalist. It is an interesting addition to this album and one that I am glad they did it. That melody really brings out the darkness in the band’s music. The track then explodes into insane guitar riffs and savage gutturals. The groove elements are back adding yet another complex layer to the track. With all the element that are used in this song, it is the best one on the album

PILE OF PRIESTS have come out with a strong and powerful debut album. Through the symphonic elements to the bludgeoning instrumentals, this album is extremely well done. This entire album feels like a trip back to the times of the Inquisition and I have a feeling that was the imagery intended through their music. Not to mention the cover art is a medieval church full of skeletons. I’m excited about the next installment that this band creates and I highly recommend this album for anyone that is into very aggressive metal.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Aversion
3. Death Of The Paragon
4. Exile Unto Divination
5. Conjunction Of Souls
6. The Threshold
7. Deus Delenda Est
8. Bloodstained Citadel
9. The Restitution
Evan Salvador – Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Leyn – Bass
Evan Knight – Drums
Daryl Martin – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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