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Pillory - Evolutionary Miscarriage

Evolutionary Miscarriage
by H.P. Buttcraft at 07 July 2014, 11:41 AM

PILLORY brings a humungous offering of Technical Death Metal with this new album “Evolutionary Miscarriage”. The twist this time (for me at least) was that PILLORY is only one musician. I guess that eliminates the hassle of organizing multiple people to come into the recording studio!

But the solitary musician in PILLORY, Darren Cesca, has an impeccable ability for rhythm and technicality. This is the second album from the New England musician in the ten years since PILLORY’s debut release “No Lifeguard at The Gene Pool”. There are a lot of those breakdowns that have become a definite staple to nearly all extreme music coming out of Boston, Massachusetts. But even with all the breaking down, there is upward and forward mobility on each and every track and the movement of “Evolutionary Miscarriage” never stops to rest. I think it’s a fair warning to give that once you start “Evolutionary Miscarriage”, stopping at any point could be potentially hazardous to your health.

I know that the downside to working on a music project all by yourself is that the amount of work put upon is increases three or maybe even four times more than normal. Because of all of this work that is mandatorily demanded from the sole solitary musician, I can understand how the space and freedom to explore the artistic and creative angle to even the most technical music can get jaded in the production process.

This could be said about “Evolutionary Miscarriage” but in its essence, the album does seems to come from a more rational, left-brained area, seeing as a lot of the themes and lyrics tend to deal with science. I would agree that the tracks “Imbeciles In Defiance” & “Distorted Axiom”, which is an instrumental interlude, is a decent example that this band has the potential to get further into the progressive sides of technical death metal similar to the music of the band AUGURY.

Fans of BENEATH THE MASSACRE, THE FACELESS, NECROPHAGIST and I will dare to say that even ANAAL NATHRAKH will definitely love this album from PILLORY. Let’s hope that “Evolutionary Miscarriage” is the album that propels them out of obscurity and towards the forefront of the Metal scene. I know that there is a lot of competition in Boston to create the most technical, the most brutal and the most punishing Metal around. I couldn’t be the one to tell you whether or not PILLORY has got what it take but let’s just wait and see what Darren Cesca wants to do with this powerhouse of a record.

3 Star Rating

1. And the Defeated Emerge
2. Mass Enmity
3. Evolutionary Miscarriage
4. Imbeciles in Defiance
5. Phantasmagorical Beasts
6. Purify the Commonwealth
7. The Mental Defective
8. Nihilarian
9. Distorted Axiom
10. Lixiviated
11. Bipedal Prosecution
Darren Cesca – All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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