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Pimeydentuoja - The Devil's Epoch

The Devil's Epoch
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 September 2015, 5:06 AM

To become explosive and aggressive, and to become a great name into the extreme Metal styles is not a simple thing to be done. It's extremely hard, because the great number of bands on a Metal style that is becoming great will be forgotten. The only two ways left are: or you create a new style by yourself, or you must have an outstanding personality in creating something different in the middle of thousand bands.

Fortunately, "The Devil's Epoch", the first album from Finnish trio PIMEYDENTUOJA has a lot to say about them. Going into an explosive and brutal mix between Black and Death Metal in the same vein of bands as HATE and BEHEMOTH with some touches from earlier Finnish Black Metal bands as IMPALED NAZARENE and BEHERIT, and some moments a bit of old DISMEMBER influences appears on guitars. But their musical work is very good, indeed. They use good variations of tempos (not being as fast as lightning or slow and bitter all the time, but a mix between both aspects, or using different paced tempos on a song).  Be prepared for some musical massacre with a touch of good taste.

The sound quality is a bit too dirty and harsh than the needed, creating that "smoky" feeling (that sensation that we all have when hearing a song and we feel like there's a big cloud of smoke above the musical instruments). OK, that feature in the view of many fans gives a boost on the album aggressiveness, but this harsh quality does not damage the album as many can think.

Surely they are a very good band, as we can see on all their songs, but personally, I really point as their best songs those ones where some slower tempos appear, as on the aggressive "Annihilation Anthem" (this drummer is really pretty monstrous, using a very good technique. Poor bass player…), the bitter and harsh "The Devil's Epoch" (a great presentation from guitars with some pretty good riffs, and vocals really possesses us all), the darkened and rusty "Bloodtide" (their finest moment on the album, with some astonishing slow riffs that make this slow paced tempo becomes extremely funereal, and again the drums are great, but the bass guitar is thundering behind them all), and their personal version for IMPALED NAZARENE's "I Al Purg Vonpo/My Blessing (The Beginning Of The End)" (from their classic first album, "Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz…").

A very good band, but deserves a better sound quality.

4 Star Rating

1. By Death We Shall Conquer
2. Necrophilia
3. Annihilation Anthem
4. The Devil's Epoch
5. The Beyond - Demonical Apotheosis
6. Paganlågor
7. Bloodtide
8. Awakening Of The Ancient King
9. Heavenless Abomination
10. Morbid Sacrifice
11. I Al Purg Vonpo/My Blessing (The Beginning of the End) (Impaled Nazarene Cover)
Fordärv - Drums, Guitars, Vocals
Iva - Guitars, Bass
Dödfödd - Vocals
Record Label: Misanthropic Art Productions


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