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Pink Cream 69 - Thunderdome (CD)

Pink Cream 69
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 January 2004, 2:55 AM

Pink Cream 69 is the mere example of a non-pure Metal band adored by pure metalheads. I can also think of Pretty Maids, Dokken or stuff like that meeting the aforementioned condition. The crossover of the melody of Hard Rock and the power of Heavy Metal; the Creamers have been hangin' 'round for more than 15 years, delivering - in general - fine elements of how passion and supremacy can both make it in the same song/album.
Even if they're also known for the involvement of current Helloween vocalist Andy Deris (who - I can now confirm - has also put his touch on the latest pumpkin men releases… - poor Mr. Weikath) in the band's early days, it's the solid truth that this German/American/Greek gang has released two excellent albums years ago - the same titled debut in 1989 plus 1991's One Size Fits All, putting the cream on top of the European Hard Rock cake. Both the German/mid-European and Japanese markets can confirm this… Games People Play (1993) was definitely not on the same level, while one year later Deris decided to take the job offered for the vacant position of frontman in Helloween (the man had balls…). Trying to find the equivalent of Andy's smooth-yet-stiff vocal aura, the band - after rejecting (sic) a promising Scotch singer named Doogie White (ex-Midnight Blue, afterwards you know where…) - moved on to accept Dave Readman behind the mic. In the mid 90's typhoon of Grunge/Death/Black/Indie releases, Change (1995) and Food For Thought (1997) didn't have much of a chance to raise any interest; let aside the fact that both albums were not that good, featuring various mid-modern elements.
It was 1999 and Massacre Records that gave breath once again to the good side of PC 69. The excellent trilogy of Electrified (1999), Sonic Dynamite (2000) and Endangered (2001) put the band back again on the map of quality music, a set of first-rate albums with enthusiasm and fresh air spreading everywhere! Well, Thunderdome - on SPV, now - hits the (same) road again! Afer the guitarist's health recovery, a powerful production done by Alfred Koffler presents eleven songs looking 'musically' with one eye staring at Germany and the other at the U.S. Great hooks, brilliant riffs with imaginary leads, a solid rhythm section and the distinguished (now) voice of Readman are clearly obvious in the tunes of the same titled opener, Gods Come Together, Here I Am, That Was Yesterday and Another Wrong Makes Right - not leaving aside the rest of the tracklisting of course.
I'd rather like the band didn't do the mediocre cover of The Knack's My Sharona (listen to Destruction's taste on this one, I'd propose!) and add one more cut, but - anyway - nothing can stop Thunderdome from being one helluva good album - again! The band's in great mood the last five years and we definitely need these guys around for more. You better try it, in the car first!

4 Star Rating

The Last Stance
Gods Come Together
Carnaby Road
Here I Am
That Was Yesterday
Retro Lullaby
My Sharona (The Knack Cover)
As Deep As I Am
Another Wrong Makes Right
See Your Face
David Readman - Vocals
Alfred Koffler - Guitar
Dennis Ward - Bass
Costas Zafiriou - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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