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Pinski – Sound The Alarm

Sound The Alarm
by Jess at 14 June 2018, 3:16 PM

PINSKI, is a German based Rock band lead by female vocalist, Reichwein, and backed by a talented and experienced group of Progressive Rockers (Alexander, Streidt, and Schöpe). The music produced by PINSKI balances between being heavy and being sophisticated, and you know there will be some Prog elements implemented with that lineup. After many live shows, Reichwein decided to re-launch the PINSKI project and recorded their debut album “Sound The Alarm” released in Spring of 2018. The album comes in with eleven tracks and a listening time of almost 47 minutes.

The opening track, “Ugly Side” comes in with an 80’s style riff, that’s solid in every way. The vocals are really front and center. The music is nice. It seems hyper-focused on the lighter side of Rock. Almost a purposeful restriction of talent. There are a few moments of brilliant play and more Prog elements, but overall, it felt lackluster.

Sound The Alarm”, title and track two, however, comes in more lively, and keeps that feel throughout. The music is so much freer than the previous track allowed for. There are incredible Progressive elements everywhere, the guitars are flawless and there is riffage galore. The bass is phenomenal. The atmosphere in this track is amazing as well. As a whole “Sound The Alarm”, is musically solid. The vocals are still good, there is some forced weirdness towards the beginning, but overall, they are a decent female Rock vocal. There was good reason to have this be the title track.

Track six, “Fire”, is another track that is just riddled Prog goodness. This is one of the more creative tracks on the album and quickly moved to the top spot for me. The intro drums are killer. The intro bass is killer. The entering guitars are awesome. This intro is kick ass, plain and simple. The vocals aren’t as overbearing in this track either, allowing it to mold better within the music of the track. The execution of this track is outstanding.

Stay Alive”, track eight, is much slower and acoustic. The tracks in this album range from really Progressive to acoustic, this one is a mix and it is stunning. The musicianship between the guitars and bass exude creativity. The drums hold this track together beautifully. The lyrics are phenomenal and vocals maybe one of my favorite aspects of this one.

Society”, track ten, comes in with a little guitar picking and some background atmosphere with a raw vocal. “You never really wanted me, dear society.” What a powerful statement and man, can I relate to those seven words. This is another lighter track focusing on mainly acoustics and atmosphere, with some electric love thrown in especially at about the halfway mark through to the end. This is another impressive track created by incredibly talented artists.

The final track, “Light Calling”, has more of a Folk feeling with a little Bluesy take. Not really something I would consider any form of Rock, but the roots are loosely there. While it is a decent track, I found this too, to be arid and underwhelming.

This album confused me in that the weakest tracks on the album were put at the start and finish. Although, the final track was better placed than the first, because it does feel like the end. “Sound The Alarm” is a really great album, filled with creativity and artistry. It is different and unique. I would recommend this one to those looking for something a little corky, but still has complete and masterful musicianship.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Ugly Side
2. Sound The Alarm
3. Butterflies
4. III
5. Humanity
6. Fire
7. Letter Of Regret
8. Stay Alive
9. Red Sun
10. Society
11. Light Calling
Insa Reichwein – Vocals and Guitars
Ian Alexander – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Chris Streidt – Bass and Backing Vocals
Stephan Schöpe – Drums
Record Label: Gentle Art Of Music


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