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Piranah - Crashing Down

Crashing Down
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 May 2013, 5:21 PM

I think I was bitten pretty badly by reality, maybe by a comparative reality, events that might happen whether if society will pay attention to its inner wounds and sicknesses or by plain natural overtakes. There are visions where the world is constantly crashing down upon its inhabitants, survival remains as a mere term in the air that means nothing, no one will last, and no one will be able to endure the pain. The veteran American band, PIRANAH, hailing from the Tennessee area, projected an impressive artwork of a possible world's end. Beneath that barren land of an artwork lays "Crashing Down", the band's new and fifth album in count released independently. Honestly, with what I perceived as the band's angered message, with screeches and screams against a world gone to bed early, I a little hard time to consume the band's music. As it seems, "Crashing Down" displays PIRANAH as a cross breed between Rock, Metal and Hardcore, a fusion between DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, METALLICA, PRONG, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, ALICE IN CHAINS, early FAITH NO MORE and a slip of PANTERA among the many that I probably missed. Looking at this interesting roster of big time bands, one would probably wonder what went wrong as these influences create a rather diverse musical formula, but in the end the output told a different tale.

I know that there some of you that don't like the tagging in Metal music as what is Metal is Metal, no questions asked further. However, when it comes to PIRANAH, it would be impossible to do so any way. They aren't a Thrash Metal act, nothing that substantial of the old school criteria, but basically one of the members of the New American Metal splashing grooves and a tough attitude. Of course that there are off shoots here and there to make things a bit piquant, so remain alert. Anyhow, in general, I respect PIRANAH's efforts of conjuring the maximum in order to be both distinctive and straightforward under the same dish. Songs like "Awaken the Dream" and "Crashing Down", praised examples of this release, aren't flashing with catchier moments of glory, just defining the honesty of lower class / street / blue collar Metal or whatever, not taking a hold of the bullshit, just speaking the truth out loud. The riffing is tasty, groovy, grungy, full blown and punishing, rhythms are tight and boastful; the vocal line is grouchy and ill-mannered but fits like a glove. Don’t look for a melodic pattern because you won’t find one, same with the soloing moments that aren't too creative or in larger part, nonexistent. Though these standouts, and the band's music orientation, "Crashing Down" seemed to uphold more harm than good, but at least the sound engineering was great.

As I mentioned earlier, PIRANAH's Metal style is a fine cross breed of genres, taking bits and scarps and articulating something out of them. Nonetheless, I felt that this honorary attempt gone badly wrong. Songs in the vein of "My World", "Criminal" and "Face The Day" (Damn that sardonic "La, La, La") are a picture of annoyance, even with the band's displayed brutish figure, these are so unappealing, average at best. I didn't mind the Hardcore guidance taking over the wheels of creation, but it seems awfully chaotic in a depraved sense and hard to take pleasure in it. "Drug Wars", a bit multifaceted with several intriguing segments, and the opening hammer of the aching "The Growing Pain" were a level up in the ladder, attaining several adequate riffing, crude choruses, while the latter even surprising with a Rock type featured solo. Furthermore, I'm afraid that the respite of "Crashing Down" is less than solid, setting the band as a common ground like many others. I felt that there is a prospective that can flourish, especially from such veteran players, but it didn't this time around. PIRANAH's material appeared to be candid, true to its word with the harshness that it describes; the music is cool in overall, but it is simple case of hit or miss. This time, an oversight.          

2 Star Rating

1. The Growing Pain
2. Face the Day
3. Solid Ground
4. Awaken the Dream
5. Crashing Down
6. Drug Wars
7. My World
8. Criminal
9. Snake Crawl
10. Melt
Matt Seckinger – Guitars
Darren Andrews – Vocals
Chris Higgins – Drums
Thorin Milliken - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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