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Pist – Hailz

by Brad Pfundheller at 13 November 2019, 12:14 AM

Metal band PIST is here with their second full length release as a band titled “Hailz”. From Bury, United Kingdom and formed in 2013, PIST has become fairly popular across their local scene in the Manchester area. It’s been four years since their debut release of “Rhythm and Booze” and since then they have been looking to make a name for themselves with this newest album release.

“Ex-Nihilio” is what starts this LP off and it’s full of just sludge and growls from start to finish. The vocals from Dave Rowlands demonstrate a lot of range throughout and have kind of a Black Metal influence in them. “Wreck” begins with a groovy guitar riff to prepare you for what is coming up. The speed begins to pick up right before the vocals enter and the blast beats are heard in the verses. “Mind Rotten” starts out with just the drums before a clean ambience guitar enters and takes the sound in a direction that we haven’t heard yet on the album. After some vocals, the rest of the band enters in and the sound gets heavy and darker, almost completely opposite from the beginning of the track.

“Fools Gave Chase” has that classic metal sound to it. Slamming guitars and drums is what sums up this track. At about two and a half minutes in the song slows down with a clean guitar playing and basically cymbals and a snare. The vocals fit very well with this part of the song right before the guitar solo. “If I Was You…” is just heavy all around and probably my favorite on the LP. The groove in it will make you head bang nonstop and the guitar riffs in it are just crushing. A really well put together track. “Strangle the Sun” is featuring another UK based band ELEPHANT TREE and the beginning is just blissful. It’s a calm relaxing track for the first half then back to slamming guitars chords for the second half.

“Hailz” is a fairly well put together LP. Overall, there were a few things that stood out to me some good and some not so good. I liked the way they changed up their sounds in certain tracks so that every song didn’t sound like a rip off from the others. PIST in my opinion has the talent and potential. But I would like to see them experiment and grow more in the future. They are on their way. Check them out via APF Records.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Ex-Nihilio
2. Wreck
3. Mind Rotter
4. Fools Gave Chase
5. If I Was You…
6. Strangle The Sun (feat. Elephant Tree)
7. Skin Your God
Dave Rowlands – Vocals
John Nicholson – Guitars
Mike Collins – Bass/Vocals
Andy Hunt – Drums
Record Label: APF Records


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