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Pitch Black Forecast – As the World Burns Award winner

Pitch Black Forecast
As the World Burns
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 29 December 2014, 5:27 PM

Sometimes, famous musicians prefer to stay in the musical genre that made them famous. And fewer are the cases when they run away from their comfort zones to try something different from what is expected from them. But to all those who know and follow Gene Hoglan history since its earlier years, knows that he has another vision of making music: always trying to do something different from the usual. And again he made a very good work on “As the World Burns”, the new album from PITCH BLACK FORECAST. But do not forget, nephews and nieces: this as a band, not a Gene’s particular project.

This is an album of modern Thrash Metal, with tons of Groove and modern Metal influences, so it’ll astonish many of you in many different ways. It seems that some elements from Gene’s times on STRAPPING YOUNG LAD appear here, but the band has its personality. It’s an abrasive and aggressive music, made by screamed vocals, extremely good guitar riffs, strong bass guitars, and Big Daddy here does not dare to speak about the drums. By the Gods, it’s Gene Hoglan playing here, one of the greatest drummers in Metal!

The recording process is very good, for the quality of the sound is impressive. It’s clear to the point you can hear and understand what each musical instrument is playing, but it’s abrasive and heavy, giving the band a massive and abrasive sound. And we must, of course, mention the special guests on the album: Devin Townsed on “Open Letter to God”, M. Stevens (from AVENGED SEVENFOLD) on “Landmine”, and Randy Blythe (from LAMB OF GOD) in “So Low”, and James “The Human Furnace” Bullock (from RINGWORM) on “Wrapped in Plastic”. Of course some true Metal fans (those who still tries to live on the 80’s, even they weren’t even born back then) will have heart attacks, but these guests gave a different and good taste to the album.

What would I say about this album? Just perfect in terms of songs”

There are 15 perfect songs awaiting us all here, all of them excellent and heavy as hell, and of course Big Daddy here doesn’t have to say the better ones, for there are no better ones here!

Buy it, hear it and see the walls trembling and your neighbors complaining!

5 Star Rating

1. Open Letter to God
2. Landmine
3. Season in Hell
4. As the World Burns
5. Hearts of Darkness
6. Dialtone
7. So Low
8. Atonement
9. Wrapped in Plastic
10. Ornament
11. Lighthouse
12. Masochist
13. Innocent
14. Sycamore
15. Bad Seed
J Popson – Vocals
Robert Reinard – Guitars
Tom Shaffner – Guitar
Steve Rauckhorst – Bass
Gene Hoglan – Drums
Record Label: Ferocious Records


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