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Pitch Black - Thrash Killing Machine (CD)

Pitch Black
Thrash Killing Machine
by Michael Dalakos at 11 September 2005, 5:38 PM

Well, with a title like this one I guess one can realize this is not an A.O.R. album, right? And in case you have doubts about the band's musical direction, the Sodom-like front cover eradicates all doubts!
Pitch Black (what a movie!) is a 99% old school Thrash Metal act (minus 1% because of the NWOSDM influences in Lost In Words!) mostly dedicated to the U.S. Thrash Metal scene (Exodus etc.). Apart from the aforementioned song, the rest of the material is a pumping Thrash holocaust, there are also a few modern touches in some compositions (dare to say Pantera?). Standards Of Perfection brings in mind Megadeth's Symphony Of Destruction. Pitch Black may not be the most original Thrash Metal band in the world but a) they have two great guitar players unleashing a wall of riffs, and actually most solos are really good and b) they also have a really good vocalist.
Thrash Killing Machine brought in mind a lot of old school releases, plus it has a good production. If I had to choose favorites out of this album I'd go with Standards Of Perfection, Divine Not Human and Lost In Words. All in all this is a very interesting release that all fans of good old Thrash must check out.

3 Star Rating

Disturbing The Peace
Break Point
Divine Not Human
Lost In Words
Standards Of Perfection
Pitch Black
New Life…
…New Breed
Alvaro Fernandes - Rhythm Guitar
Sergio Vilas Boas - Lead Guitar
Francisco Martins - Drums
Daniel Silva - Bass
Pedro Gouveia - Vocals
Record Label: Recital Records


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